Friday, June 30, 2006

Ring of the Radiant Touch - Ring

Ring of the Radiant Touch: Once per day, this gold ring set with a fleck of diamond allows its wearer to summon a handful of colored light that they can throw, creating an effect as if they had cast a color spray spell with a caster level of 1.

Light evocation; CL 12th; Forge Ring, color spray; Price 400 gp

Treasure Value: 2nd.
NPC Gear: 1st.


First level spell effect, 1 time per day (1*1*2000/5)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Torc of Righteousness - Medium Wondrous Item

Torc of Righteousness: This piece of jewelry is an open band that can easily be slipped around any limb. When worn, it grants a +2 divine bonus to the DC’s of all divine spells cast by its bearer. A command word gives the wearer the benefit of a righteous might spell cast by a 9th level cleric, whereupon the Torc is permanently destroyed.

Light Transmutation; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, Spell Focus, righteous might; Price: 7,500 gp

Treasure Value: 11th.
NPC Gear: 10th.

Single use righteous might (5*9*100)= 4500
+2 to DC of spells until righteous might used is bonus squared *1000 (same as an unlimited saving throw bonus), halved for non-permanent, (2*2*1000)/2 = 2000 gp half again for multiple different on same item = 3000.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sneaky - Weapon Bonus

Sneaky: Blades with this quality seem to flicker, and are harder for the eye to keep track of. They add +1d6 of sneak attack damage when appropriate, as if the wielder had the class ability. This damage stacks with sneak attack damage gained from any class abilities. A weapon can have this quality multiple times.

Light divination; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, true strike; Price +1 bonus.

Treasure Value: +1 Sneaky Weapon, 11th
NPC Gear: +1 Sneaky Weapon, 10th

Math: Straight comparison to a flaming, frost, or shock quality. Although sneak attack damage is more situational than energy damage (it only applies on certain attacks, not every attack), a good rogue will work hard to maximize their sneak attack damage in combat.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bracer of Retributive Mastery - Minor Wondrous Item

Bracer of Retributive Mastery: This admantium bracer, usually decorated with beveled patterns and embossed with a stern but radiant face, will absorb up to three magic missiles directed at its wearer, holding them until the wearer decides to return them. For instance, someone wearing the bracer can absorb three individual missiles from a wand, a brace of three missiles from a fifth level caster, or three of five from a 9th level caster, as long as there were none waiting in the bracer. A bracer with two missiles waiting would absorb the next one, but would not affect to others until at least one waiting missile was cast.

Waiting missiles do not retain any metamagic qualities. They are standard 1d4+1 magic missiles.

Casting a waiting missile is a standard action for anyone but a spellcaster who has magic missile on their spell list. The wearer of a bracer of retributive mastery can cast up to three waiting missiles as a full round action. For a spellcaster with magic missile on their spell list, the bracer is essentially a spell trigger item. They can choose to cast up to three waiting missiles as a standard action.

Missiles will be absorbed after other blocking effects work: For instance, a bracer of retributive majesty will not absorb missiles as long as a shield spell is in effect, or as long as a broach of shielding can absorb them. A bracer will not absorb part of a missile: if a broach of shielding has three points left to absorb, and a missile does four points of damage, the bracer’s wearer will take the damage regardless of weather the bracer can absorb.

Light evocation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, magic missile, shield; Cost 3,125 gp.

Treasure value: 8th.
NPC Gear: 7th.


cast magic missile, 3 per day (1*1*2000)/1.6 = 1250
catch 3 magic missles per day (1*1*2000)/1.6 = 1250 half again for multiple different 1875

Being able to block three missiles no strings attached must be worth as much as being able to cast three.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Robes of Silver Twilight - Major Wondrous Item

Robes of Silver Twilight: These robes are made from shades of fine gray linen that range from the stately iron of stormclouds to the silvery color of starlight on water. The hems are decorated with runes and star shapes embroidered in the same color as the cloth, so that they tease the eye but are impossible to read from any distance. There are only three sets of these Robes. Their origins are unknown, but the fey tell stories about their nobles vying for the right to wear them. They were lost during the Wars of the Moon Hag, and haven’t been seen in thousands of years.

When worn, they muffle sounds around the wearer slightly, and the lining gives the impression of delineating vast emptiness.

When worn, they:

add 5 ft. to their wearer's movement rate
grant a +1 deflection bonus to armor class
grant a +2 circumstance bonus to Move Silently checks
grant a +8 circumstance bonus to Hide checks

The wearer can become ethereal for ten rounds each day, and throw a twilight bolt three times per day. A twilight bolt is a ranged touch attack that will slow any creature struck by it for 3 rounds if struck. The twilight bolt allows no saving throw.

Strong transmutation; CL 13th; Craft Wondrous Item, ethereal jaunt, slow; Price 66,000 gp.

Treasure value: 20th.
NPC Gear: 19th level.


All abilities are similar:
Ethereal for ten rounds per day (5*10*2000/5) = 20,000
Twilight Bolt 3/day (As if second level spell (2*3*2000)/1.66 = 19,920 half again for 29,880.
+1 deflection bonus (1*1*2,000) half again for multiple different 3,000
treat five feet of movement as a +1 weapon bonus (1*1*2,000) half again for multiple different 3,000
Move Silently bonus (2*2*100) half again for multiple different 600
Hide bonus (8*8*100) half again for multiple different 9600

rounded down

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cap O' Inspiration - Minor Wondrous Item

Cap O’ Inspiration: This plucky-looking dyed leather cap grants an arcane spellcaster wearing it one extra, random, first level arcane spell every morning when first put on, as if they had memorized the spell with their daily allotment (roll on the 1st level arcane scroll table to determine which spell is granted). It also grants its wearer a +5 insight bonus to their first Knowledge skill check of the day.

Faint divination; Caster Level 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, 5+ ranks in any Knowledge skill; Price 1,200 gp

Treasure Value: 5th
NPC Gear: 4th

Math: As pearl of power 1, half for randomness. Knowledge check is (5*5*100)/5 for one use per day. Both multiplied by 50%.