Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bracer of Retributive Mastery - Minor Wondrous Item

Bracer of Retributive Mastery: This admantium bracer, usually decorated with beveled patterns and embossed with a stern but radiant face, will absorb up to three magic missiles directed at its wearer, holding them until the wearer decides to return them. For instance, someone wearing the bracer can absorb three individual missiles from a wand, a brace of three missiles from a fifth level caster, or three of five from a 9th level caster, as long as there were none waiting in the bracer. A bracer with two missiles waiting would absorb the next one, but would not affect to others until at least one waiting missile was cast.

Waiting missiles do not retain any metamagic qualities. They are standard 1d4+1 magic missiles.

Casting a waiting missile is a standard action for anyone but a spellcaster who has magic missile on their spell list. The wearer of a bracer of retributive mastery can cast up to three waiting missiles as a full round action. For a spellcaster with magic missile on their spell list, the bracer is essentially a spell trigger item. They can choose to cast up to three waiting missiles as a standard action.

Missiles will be absorbed after other blocking effects work: For instance, a bracer of retributive majesty will not absorb missiles as long as a shield spell is in effect, or as long as a broach of shielding can absorb them. A bracer will not absorb part of a missile: if a broach of shielding has three points left to absorb, and a missile does four points of damage, the bracer’s wearer will take the damage regardless of weather the bracer can absorb.

Light evocation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, magic missile, shield; Cost 3,125 gp.

Treasure value: 8th.
NPC Gear: 7th.


cast magic missile, 3 per day (1*1*2000)/1.6 = 1250
catch 3 magic missles per day (1*1*2000)/1.6 = 1250 half again for multiple different 1875

Being able to block three missiles no strings attached must be worth as much as being able to cast three.

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