Monday, November 06, 2006

Angel Fly - Medium Wondrous Item

Angel Fly: This pale, dried and preserved insect looks more like a strange jewel at first sight. Its translucent chitin reflects a full spectrum of colors, so that it flashes various colors as it catches the light at different angles. Cursory examination reveals an insectile anatomy: segmented body, wafer like wings, jointed legs.

Angel flies exist only on the bright stars. The mundvelt is too toxic for them to survive unaided. Even their fragile corpses disintegrate on the mundlvelt. Preparation for enchantment includes being sealed in a mixture of distilled and activated celestial tree resins. They are harvested and used as rewards by some lucent celestials.

A properly prepared angel fly can be sold for 4,500 gp.

When a person eats a properly dried angel fly, they are granted the ability to cast mass cure critical wounds as a standard action, once. This is a supernatural ability. If the ability is not used in the next 24 hours, the ability is lost, and the ingester will release a sunburst, as if the spell were cast by a 15th level caster, the next time they are in less than bright illumination.

Moderate necromancy; Brew potion or create wondrous item, mass cure critical wounds; Price 12,000 gp

NPC Gear: 13th
Treasure Value: 12th

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