Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dragon Tooth Blade - Special Material

Dragon tooth blade: In the Baelitian Peaks, kobold tribes are often at a loss for resources. The giantkin and dwarves are better miners, and protect their stakes well. Kobolds often ally with dragons, however, and the oldest leave a lot of teeth behind when they die.

Dragon teeth can be whittled into formidable blades, given time, patience, and a very dense scraping stone. Sharp but brittle (Dragon teeth have a hardness of 9 and only 10 hit points per inch), a dragon tooth blade naturally holds a very fine edge. Dragon tooth blades gain a +1 to their threat range, and do +1 damage. Also, dragon teeth can be enchanted by the magic fang spell as well as magic weapon, a bonus for the naturalistic kobold religion.

Ammunition made from dragon tooth simply do +1 point of damage.

The value of a dragontooth blade is the standard price for the blade plus 850 gp for a weapon that does up to 1d4 damage, and 1,250 gp for weapons that do more. A dragon tooth dagger is worth 852 gp, a dragon tooth falchion is worth 1,350 gp. A single arrow or bolt made from dragon tooth costs 30 gp.

The increased threat range is not enhanced by magic or feats, but is coincident with them. For instance, a dragon tooth dagger enhanced by keen edge has a threat range of 16-20: doubled by the spell to 17-20, +1 for being dragon tooth.

A dragon typically has 74 teeth plus two per age category. A dragon tooth dagger costs 1,250 gp, and a dragon tooth falchion 1,325 gp. Of a large sized dragon’s teeth, approximately 45% can be used as a blade for a one handed weapon for a medium sized creature, another 20% can be used as a blade for a light melee weapon for a medium creature, and a remaining 20% can be used as a light melee weapon for a small creature. The size categories go up as the dragon’s size does: a huge dragon can provide blades for two handed weapons, one handed weapons, and light weapons, all for medium creatures, a colossal dragon supplies blades for two handed weapons for large creatures, plus two handed and one handed weapons for medium sized creatures.

A small tooth, suitable for a weapon that does less than 1d6 damage, can be sold for 210 gp. Larger teeth can be sold for approximately 310 gp. The remainder of the creation cost for a dragon tooth weapon comes from weighting it, attaching a pommel, and the time it takes to rub an edge into it.

NPC Gear: Dragon Tooth Falchion, 4th
Treasure Value: Dragon Tooth Falchion, 5th

Math: Totally Ad Hoc. About 300 gp for +1 to damage, comparable to a masterwork to hit bonus. About 1,000 gp for an additional bonus to crit range, comparable to half a +1 weapon bonus (a Keen weapon, a +1 weapon bonus, doubles the threat range of a weapon). It strains credibility that a small tooth is no less valuable than a large tooth, so I prorated the value by weapon type, much the same way that the adamantine material does. Minus 50 gp or so for brittleness.

The values given for dragon teeth will add many thousands of gold to the treasure left behind by your average dragon. There are ways to deal with this:

1) Who cares? They’ll spend it soon enough.
2) Lower the value of the dragon’s hoard by the value of it’s teeth.
3) Drastically lower the number of teeth found: Well, sure dragon’s teeth are valuable. But you’re wearing adamantine armor/shooting fireballs at them. They aren’t so durable. Kobolds usually pull teeth from their allies after they’ve died on the hoard.
4) RAW, only so many people in the local kobold/barbarian villages will be able to afford them. Nobody in a civilized town really wants them (for that price, anyway). Unsold dragon teeth are curios.

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