Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Robes of Purple Twilight - Major Wondrous Item

Robes of Purple Twilight: The robes of purple twilight are mentioned fearfully in the folktales of the fey. During the twilight years, they were created and used to hunt the sidhe courts in the brambles. Some of the sagas tell that a Gwear chieftan had them made, others a general of the Aeonic host. The robes of silver twilight were made for the eirn brothers who finally slew the hunter with the purple robes, but the brothers killed each other fighting for possession of their enemy's mantel. The robes of purple twilight appears once more in legend, as the possession of Yergn, who slew the Boar of Aeld, but they were stolen from him in his dotage.

These robes appear to be made of the purple of twilight spun into cloth, radiant at the hem and nearly black in the lining. Parts of the wearer seem to disappear into the twilight of the lining.

When worn, they grant a a +2 Deflection bonus to AC, a +4 bonus to Move Silently checks, and a +12 bonus to Hide checks. They allows the wearer to become ethereal for 10 rounds a day, and to cast time stop once per day as if they were an 17th level caster.

Strong transmutation; CL 17; craft wonderous item, ethereal jaunt, time stop; Price 133,200 gp.

Treasure Value: 23rd
NPC Gear: 21st

Time Stop once per day =9*17*2000/5= 61,200
Ethereal for ten rounds per day = 5*10*2000/5 = 20,000 plus 3/4 to 35,000
+12 Hide = 12*12*100= 14,400 plus half to 21,600
+2 Deflection = 2*2*2000=8000 plus half to 12000
+4 Move Silently = 4*4*100 = 1,600 plus half to 2,400

Monday, January 29, 2007

Prophania’s Dreamcatcher - Major Wondrous Item

Prophania’s Dreamcatcher: This looks like copper ring, three inches in diameter, with a net of copper wire twisted and strung across it. Semi precious stones are twisted into the wire, and there is a small hole in the center of it.

The dreamcatcher takes up the amulet slot and is a spell trigger item. A wearer can use detect thoughts at will as a 3rd level caster, cast scrying 3 times per day as a 7th level caster, and cast nightmare once per night as a 9th level caster. The wearer must have the spell they are trying to use on their list.

Moderate divination; CL 9; Craft Wondrous Item, detect thoughts, scry, nightmare; Price 18,150 gp
Treasure Value: 17th
NPC Gear: 16th

Notes: Once upon a time, you had to make a scry skill check to use the scrying spell and similar abilities. This item was originally created to make use of scrying as a skill check. Scrying was written out of the rules in 3.5, so I treated this item as a command word item. There is no explicit formula for non-charged spell trigger items in the DMG, so I priced it as if "Item requires specific class or alignment to use." I treated this as multiple similar abilities, because none of them stack.


detect thoughts = 2*3*1,800 = 10,800 *.5 = 5,400
scrying = 4*7*1,800/1.666 for three uses per day= 31,500
nightmare = 5*9*1,800/5 for one use per day = 16,200 *.75 = 12,150
total = 54,450 - 35% = 38,115
Hi! No excuses. Work, Respitory Infection, obsessing over new rules for my home game. For some reason I keep thinking that I want to see magical laser guns in DND. And I can't decide... is that cool? Are magical laser guns in DND cool?

What do you think?

What I've really been working on is a set of rules for mechanical devices for DND. I will post them if I ever make them coherant.

I will post thrice weekly, to make up for my temporary abdication, until I am up to snuff or out of steam.

Do people like weird alchemical stuff? Speak! I command you, oh spirits of the information superhighway.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Darkwarped Item - Special Material

Darkwarped Item: Sometimes, when a mundane metal or stone weapon is left near a source of negative energy for years, such as a gate to a shadowy plane, or a battlefield infested with undead, negative energy infuses the item. The process has yet to be understood in a way that allows it to be industrialized. Darkwarped items are only found in the situations that create them.

These weapons, if picked up and used in battle, will do an extra 1d6 points of negative energy damage the first time they strike an opponent. The weapon will disintegrate in the process.

This quality may be added to any melee weapon, thrown weapon, or missile which has a striking surface made of metal or stone.

Cost: 40 gp.

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 1st

Math: +1 bonus (2,000 gp) divided by 40 (single use). No value for the weapon, because it will disintegrate when used.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Swan Comb - Minor Wondrous Item

Swan comb: This gold comb, with a tail cast in the shape of a swan’s head and neck, its wing revealing the teeth of the comb, adds a +2 bonus to diplomacy checks for an hour after used in grooming. If among a creature's possessions, it is assumed to have been used.

Sleight Enchantment; CL 3; create wondrous item, charm person; Price 400 gp.

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 2nd

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Totem of Hunting - Minor Wondrous Item

Totem, Hunting Pouch: This magical pouch is made from the hide of a dire beast, and filled with trophies from the creature it provides a bonus against, as well as natural items anathema to it.

A hunting pouch provides its wearer a +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks used against a specific creature type or race. In addition, the wearer gains a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls against the same creature type or race.

The creature type or race that a given pouch is effective against is chosen from amongst the possibilities on the ranger’s favored enemies list. These bonuses do not stack with a ranger’s favored enemy bonuses. A hunting pouch is worn as an amulet.

Some rare pouches provide a +3 bonus.

Caster Level 3rd; Create Wondrous Item, Survival 4+ ranks, true strike or favored enemy special ability; Market Value: +2 bonus, 1,200 gp, +3 bonus 2,700 gp.

NPC Gear:
+2 Bonus - 3rd
+3 Bonus- 6th

Treasure Value:
+2 Bonus - 4th
+3 Bonus - 8th


To mock this up, I broke up the component abilities.

5 skill bonuses, 2*2*100 each, 400 gp, +50%, 600 gp each, total 3000 gp.

a +2 weapon bonus is worth 8000 gp. Damage only is half as effective? a +1 bonus? for 2000 gp, +50% for 3000 gp.

total 6,000 gp, divided by five because it is usable against a single type of creature only (I figure this is roughly equal to being usable once per day, but of course, this is entirely situational. If you're fighting orcs all session and have a totem of hunting orcs, it's more useful. If you're fighting lizard men, it's useless).

for 1,200. 1,200 gp is equal the value of the totem (+2), squared, multiplied by 300.

You could extrapolate the value of this item up or down if you wanted, totem value squared *300.

This item would be worth more if it stacked with a ranger's favored enemy ability. By how much? at least double, probably more like quadrupal. The real problem in figuring it out is that stacking would make a ranger a monster in certain encounter, but have no value at other in others.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Totem of Overpowering - Varied Wonderous Item

Totem of Overpowering: These totems are made from the vertebrae of creatures with the ability to use spell like or supernatural abilities. The vertebrae are connected by wire or cord, and painted or carved with invocations to the spirit of the creature it came from, binding part of their soul to the totem and putting it in command of the totem's wielder.

Each totem is keyed to a different kind of supernatural or spell like ability, and has a different power level. When carried in the left hand, a totem of prowess adds a bonus to the caster level of the ability it is keyed to.

For instance, a totem made from the skull of a pit fiend might add +2 to the caster level of the fireball spell like ability of a salamander who wields it. Often totems are made by supernatural creatures who are leaders of their kind, from the spines of their enemies, in order to boost a spell like ability common to them. The Cornugon Eyegouge owned the vertebrae of the Pit Fiend Malevelock, his one time general, which allowed him to throw a hotter fireball.

The market price of a totem of overpowering is worth the caster level bonus squared * 1,000.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be of he same race as item’s donator, or any metamagic feat that enhances a spell; Market Price: 1,000 gp (+1), 4,000 gp (+2), 9,000 gp (+3), 16,000 gp (+4), 25,000 gp (+5); Weight: 1 lb.

Treasure Value: +2 totem of overpowering (fireball spell like ability), 9th
NPC Gear: +2 totem of overpowering (fireball spell like ability), 8th

Math: A caster level is arguably more powerful than a save DC bonus.

A +3 save DC bonus is a 15% increase in the chance that a spell will do full damage.

A +3 bonus to caster level is +3d6 damage, probably ten points, minimum 5 points. Plus extended range, 3 more rounds of greater invisibility.

The limited sphere of this item's bonus means (only one kind of spell like ability), to me, that it isn't worth as much as a weapon bonus. So *1,000, as opposed to *500 for a save DC bonus.