Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Succor Perfume - Alchemical Device

Succor Perfume: Wearing this perfume gives a +2 alchemical bonus to Diplomacy and Bluff checks against anyone within five feet, for one hour. Multiple doses on an item of clothing last a number of hours equal to the number of doses squared.

Nonmagical; Alchemy DC 20; 25 gp per dose.

NPC Gear: 1st

Treasure Value: 1st


first bonus 2*2*100=400
second bonus 2*2*100=400, plus 50% multiple effects =600
total 1000/40 for one shot

Monday, February 26, 2007

Serenity Cordial - Alchemical Substance

Serenity Cordial: The user of this liquid medication can re-roll one failed saving throw against a enchantment or fear effect they are subjected to. It can be administered in advance, or while an individual is afflicted. A dose of Serenity Cordial lasts 1 hour, or until discharged.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC 20; 50 gp/dose

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 1st


One rerolled saving throw is roughly equal to a +1 bonus. Divided by 40 for one use effect.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Face Putty - Alchemical Item

Face Putty: This white putty is very maleable and warms up to body temperature when in contact with living skin. It adheres to skin, needing a hard tug to come off. Made of gelatins derived from the bones of dopplegangers and mineral clays, it is often prepared by by mixing it with dyes to make it resemble a desired skin tone more readilly.

When mashed into a shape and stuck to one's body, it acts as an extraordinarily lifelike prosthetic, changing the shape of it's wearer's features. Using face putty grants a +5 bonus to disguise checks. It requires at least a minute to apply. If the wearer takes more time, he gains an additional +1 bonus for every five points his check exceeds twenty. There are no minuses for trying to make a creature look like a different race, although Face Putty cannot make a creature look larger than it is. Face Putty can even be used to make a construct look like a living creature.

An individual can use Face Putty to craft a disguise for another creature.

If someone wearing Face Putty is caught in an area effect that deals energy or negative damage, then the Face Putty is instantly destroyed, and the wearer takes an additional 1 hp of damage.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC 25; 50 gp per application;

Math: 5*5*100/50 = 50 gp. +10 ad hoc for the scaling bonus/racial mimicing/destruction and additional damage.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happygland - Alchemical Substance

Happygland: This musky perfume bestows a +2 alchemical bonus to Handle Animal and Ride checks with a specific type of animal (cats, dogs, equines, ursines) for one hour.

Multiple doses on an item of clothing last a number of hours equal to the number of doses squared.

Nonmagical; Alchemy DC 20; 70 gp per dose.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Black Bark Tea - Alchemical Substance

Black Bark Tea: The bark of the Black Yew can be made into a tea that acts as a memory aid. A cup of black bark adds a +2 alchemical bonus to knowledge checks for an hour.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC 15; 200 gp/dose.

Friday, February 16, 2007

What Up

I posted five times this week because: a) I'm not focusing so well on my real world gig, and b) I've been behind on the blog. That shows you how well my priorities are sorted. What will probably happen for the next few weeks is that I will post alchemical items three times (or so) a week until I've posted all that I have. I have to assign craft DCs, but I can do that on the fly.

I'm hoping to be ahead of my posting goal by the time I finish the alchemical stuff. Good writing Karma.

As a note, I have been failing to update my subject archive. This is due to two things: I keep getting dead links, and I have no idea why. I think the posts don't update well.

Also, blogger has a new system of labeling tags. If you look on the bottom of each post, there is a link that says something like Potions, or Minor Wondrous Item. That opens a list of all the other items tagged with the same label. I am back-labeling my posts in fits and starts, and trying other lables like:

Bauble: for a wondrous magic item worth less than 1,000 g0
Cloak: because I seem to do a lot of them,


I will try to see if I can get some stable links out of these label thingies before I go back to updating the subject archive.

As always, comments appreciated.

Goblet of Heroism - Minor Wondrous Item

Goblet of Heroism: This large golden goblet is cast so that it's bowl resembles the face of a saint or holy man revered for his bravery, and is decorated with symbols of the god he revered.

Once per day, the goblet will turn a vial of holy water into a potion of heroism, when the holy water is emptied into the goblet, and drunk from it.

Weak enchantment; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, ability to channel positive energy, Heroism; Price: 4,150 gp

Treasure Value: 9th
NPC Gear: 8th


Heroism 1/day: 3*5*2000 = 27,000/5 = 5,400
subtract 25*50=1,250 for the honor of paying 25 gp to fuel this item each day

Note: this was originally a magic item I made using my patented Instant New Hotness method of magic item design, a 6,000 gp item. I have reduced the price because of the ad hoc adjustments I added (fueled by holy water/takes more than 1 round to activate)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Collar of Serendipitous Protection - Minor Wondrous Item

Collar of serendipitous protection: This collar is made from gold chased with mithril runes, hinged in the middle with a jade clasp carved in the shape of a tortoise shell.

Once per day, it's wearer can voice a command and be protected by Mage Armor and a +2 enhancement bonus to their constitution for three minutes.

Weak transmution; CL 3rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, mage armor, bear's endurance; Price 1,400 gp

Treasure Value: 5th
NPC Gear: 4th


Mage Armor: 1*1*2000/5 = 400 plus half 600
Con bonus: 2*2*1000/5= 800


Mage armor 2000 plus half 3000, Con bonus 4000 = 7000 for a continuous item. Go figure.
2,800 for 2/day.
4,200 for 3/day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Favor of the Dinosaur Kings - Ring

Favor of the Dinosaur Kings: This golden ring, with a crowned dinosaur head on the front, was often given by the Dinosaur Kings to favored courtiers to give them better luck in the hunt.

It grants its wearer a +1 insight bonus to reflex saves, and a +1 insight bonus to hit with missile weapons.

Light divination; CL 12th; Prerequisites: forge magic ring, true strike; Price: 1,500 gp

Treasure Value: 5th
NPC Gear: 4th

Math: Limited save bonus 1*1*250 plus weapon enhancement bonus 1*1*2000 ad hoc reduction by half because it only improves to hit rolls, but improves them across a wider class of rolls. Multiple dissimilar abilities on limited slotdouble value of save bonus. 500+1000.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Slippers of Tumbling - Minor Wondrous Item

Slippers of Tumbling: These soft reddish moccasins are made from the leather of the giant bramble fox, which is sometimes used as a mount by wild woses. The soles are made of a touch but flexible birch bark. Spells commanding the spirits of fire, water, and air are burnt onto the bottom of the soles, and the runes that spell them out have been rubbed with powdered aurichalc and moonstone so that they glimmer faintly.

They add a +5 bonus to the wearer’s tumble checks.

Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, jump, spellcaster level 3rd+; Market Price: 2,500 gp, Weight: 2 lb.

NPC Gear: 6th
Treasure Value: 7th

Monday, February 12, 2007

Crown of the Ideal Face - Medium Wondrous Item

Crown of the Ideal Face: This thin gold tiara has a golden face mounted where it would rest on its wearer’s brow. The face changes to an ideal form of the wearer’s own gender when first worn.

When worn, it grants a +2 enchancement bonus to charisma, and the ability to use alter self as a 10th caster once per day.

Moderate illusion; CL 10; Create wondrous item, alter self; Price 14,000 gp.

NPC Gear: 13th
Treasure Value: 14th


charisma bonus 2*2*2000=4000, =50% = 6000
alter self 2*10*2000 = 40000/5 for 1/day = 8000

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dragonsoul Gauntlets: Minor Wondrous Item

Dragonsoul Gauntlets: These gauntlets of cured, scaly hide allow the wearer to cast produce flame as if they were a third level druid once per day. Alternately, once per day they can cause their weapon to be sheathed in flame, doing +1d6 points of bonus fire damage on a successful hit, for three rounds.

Weak evocation; Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Craft wondrous item, produce flame or flaming hands; Market Price: 1,200 gp.

NPC Gear: 3rd
Treasure Value: 4th

Math: 1*3*2000/5

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Veil of Hunger - Major Wondrous Item

Veil of Hunger: This silken veil glistens strange colors, like an oil slick on water. When worn on the head, taking up the magic item slot for hats, it grants a +2 bonus to charisma, allows the wearer to cast disguise self at 10th level once per day, and protects the wearer with a constant undetectable alignment effect.

For every great strife the wearer releases into the world, the veil will grant them an additional +2 bonus to their charisma and an additional use of disguise self.

The DM should be the final arbiter of what a “great strife” is, but a rule of thumb for adjudicating could be any permanent hazard they create with a CR of 10 or above and of chaotic nature or alignment is appropriate.

Strong Illusion; disguise self, eagle’s glory, undetectable alignment; CL 20th; 716,000 gp.

NPC Gear: 14th?
Treasure Value: 15th?


This magic item is technically fucked up.

Mechanically, this is because of the phrase "great strife." Really, this is a role playing stipulation that determines the power of the magic item. Although I've offered guidelines on what "great strife" includes, it is ultimately up to your GM what great strife is.

So, a mechanical determination of how much the item is worth is useless. A chaotic PC who creates "great strife" every session could have an inhuman ability score and change his face every few rounds. Likewise an NPC whom the DM has decided released fifteen "great strifes" upon the land before PCs begin the adventue in which he appears.

It is an artifact.

I priced the magic item by multiplying the scaling abilities by 50, which is a number that seems to stand in for "unlimited" when "estimating magic item gold piece values." I did this because the benefits are potentially unlimited in scale.

So, a +2 bonus to charisma is worth 4,000 gp, or multiplied by 50, 200,000.

Alter self, cast at 10th level, is worth 20,000, divided by five for once per day is 4,000 gp, + 50% for multiple different abilities is 6,000, *50 is 300,000.

Undetectable Alignment is worth 2*3*2000 = 12,00 plus 50% is 18,000, divided by half for 24 hour duration = 9,000.

Without the multipliers, the item is worth 19,000 gp, a reasonable price. Ergo, it stands to reason that removing the "great strife" clause makes the veil of hunger a "moderate magical item," which is a good alternative to using it as written.

That said, this is how I would handle the item as written.

It should probably appear in the game as if it were priced straight: a 19,000 gp item. After all, that's it's original power level. Any other powers it has derives purely from DM fiat, and serves his purposes.

An unlimited bonus to charisma is of narrow use to many. Alter self is a narrowly useful spell. Undetectable Alignment is a narrowly useful ability for NPCs, but possibly very handy for PCs.

An NPC who does not use charisma in combat would probably own the item as part of their equipment allotment. He would have run across it in the normal course of adventuring.

If said NPC is a class or creature that makes use of their charisma score, however: vampire, succubus, dragon, sorcerer, bard, half-dragon vampiric succubus sorcerer, etc., increase their CR by +1 per iteration of the "great strife" clause. Each +2 to charisma, after all, means that charisma fueled DC's or spell casting are at least 50% more effective (if not more). Extra power derived from the veil is by DM fiat, suits his purposes, makes encounters more difficult, and should be rewarded appropriately.

Likewise, An PC who does not use charisma in combat would probably own the item as part of their equipment allotment. He would have run across it in the normal course of adventuring.

However, if a PC who's abilities are fueled by Charisma, this artifact will greatly affect their power level if interpreted liberally. For each iteration of the "great strife" clausehey should be treated as if they were one level higher when awarding XP.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Dark Dragon’s Eye - Major Wondrous Item

Dark Dragon’s Eye: This translucent stone, the color of smoke, has a twisting black mote in the center. When worn on the forehead, it grants a +2 deflection bonus to armor class, a +2 enchancement bonus to intelligence, and allows the wearer to cast black tentacles once per day.

Moderate evocation; CL 7; Create wondrous item, black tentacles, scrying; Cost: 29,200

NPC Gear: 15th
Treasure Value: 17th

+2 deflection = 2*2*2000=8000 +50% = 12000
+2 intelligence = 2*2*1000=4000 +50% = 6000
black tentacles 1/day = 4*7*2000 = 56000 /5 = 11200