Friday, March 30, 2007

Furculan Harp - Minor Wondrous Item

Furculan Harp: This small, handheld harp is made from the wishbone of a celestial griffin, and is translucent and slightly opalescent in coloration. It is alchemically treated with elemental fire and laminated with entsap, and often enameled with scenes from myth and legend. It is strung with mithril wire.

The quality of an furculan harp is such that when used, it grants a +3 circumstance bonus to performance checks, a +1 to the difficulty check of all enchantment spells cast by it's player, and increases the bonuses granted by inspire courage by +1.

Somebody can "tune" a furculan harp to cast a certain first level spell once per day. This is done by making a DC 15 perform (lyre) check and casting the spell into the harp. It takes 8 hours to tune a Furculan Harp. Thereafter, once per day, the harp can be played and the spell cast as if the player had memorized the spell or expended a spell slot.

Any spell can be placed in the harp, and then played by another user. For instance, a bard-ranger using a Furculan Harp could cast charm animal . Another bard could then use the harp to cast charm animal.

The spell remains in the harp until it is retuned.

Moderate enchantment; CL 5th; Craft wondrous item, Craft (instrument) 8+, ability to cast enchantment spells; Price 5,000 gp


+3 to perform = 3*3*100 = 900
+1 DC to broad catagory of spells: 1*1*2000=2000
Extra spell slot (with limited flexibility) = 1*1*2000=2000
+1 to broad class feature with limited uses (roughly +1 bonus?) = 2,000

multiple similar = 2000 plus 75% of 2000 plus 50% of 2000 plus 50% of 900 = 4,950

When I was mulling over the fluff for this article, I thought of using some exotic wishbone. My wife suggested the catchy name for the item.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mask of Displacement - Minor Wondrous Item

Mask of Displacement: This golden face mask is attached to a leather back with laces that allows it to fit over a medium sized user's head. The golden mask is split down the center and cast to look like two devilish faces, each with an eye that acts as an eyehole for the user, and one that stares blindly to the side of the mask. One face is grinning maniacally, the other grimacing fiercely.

Once per day, the user can touch both sets of the mask's lips as a swift action. This will activate displacement, lasting for 5 rounds.

Moderate illusion; CL 5th; Craft wondrous item, displacement; Price 6,000 gp.

NPC Gear: 9th
Treasure value: 11th

Math: 3*5*2000/5

Created using: Instant New Hotness

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thus ends my alchemy posts. I have not a drop more to decant.

Next week I start with twice a week magic item posts again. I have enough to last a month or so right now.

Must get cracking.

Distilled Moonlight - Alchemical Substance

Distilled Moonlight: A silvery liquid with a slightly viscous consistency, a dram of distilled moonlight can be drunk or rubbed on a wound to cure 1 hit point of damage.

Distilled moonlight also has an immense native energy that can be combined with other rare and exotic substances and made into an infusion that bestows special properties upon the wearer. A DC 10 Craft (Alchemy) check is required to combine moonlight with other substances.

Moonlight can only be distilled as a liquid, not in an energetic form. When distilled, it does not shed enough light to illuminate anything.

Following is a list of substances that moonlight can be mixed with to create a greater effect:

Moonlight and pipeweed: Remove Disease.

Moonlight wolvesbane: it will allow an additional save for a character infected with lycanthropy to throw off the curse.

Moonlight and freshleaf: Cured of all temporary or permanent ability score damage to his most damaged score.

Moonlight and fireflower sap: the character is healed of all hit point damage.

Moonlight and feyshroom: The character gains DR 10/slashing until touched by sunlight.

Moonlight and silversheen: If applied to a weapon, the weapon gains a +2 enhancement bonus to hit and damage until touched by daylight.

Moonlight and drinker's own blood (at least 3 hp worth): +5 temporary constitution bonus until the drinker is touched by daylight.

Moonlight and fiend blood: +1 inherent intelligence bonus.

Moonlight and celestial blood: +1 inherent wisdom bonus.

Moonlight and dragon blood: +1 inherent charisma bonus.

Moonlight and fey blood: +5 temporary charisma bonus until the drinker is touched by daylight.

Moonlight and any potion: Extends the duration of the potion's effect as if the extend spell feat had been applied, or maximizes an instantaneous potion effect as if the maximize spell feat had been applied.

Nonmagical; Alchemy DC 30; 1000 gp/dose.

Treasure value: 4th
NPC Gear: 2nd

Math: Each separate effect is probably worth about 1,000 gp, give or take. I think I figured that of all the possible uses you could put distilled moonlight to, they averaged out to about 1,000 gp. You can metagame this item all sorts of ways.

In games run by the RAW, distilled moonlight means that many NPCs would have multiple +1 inherant bonuses. This would be a cheap way to get them (although paying for the celestials to be summoned so that you could drink their blood would make it more expenseive).

You can control this with story elements: only worshipers of a certain god may have it, a rare device creates it, change the substance moonlight interacts with to something even rarer than outsider blood.

Notes: The original post probably should have a NC-17 rating on it. Distilled moonlight was created for a d20 modern game, and most of the substances were narcotics, reflecting a belief that some drugs enhance spirituality. I changed this to more fantastical substances to reflect a fantasy millieu.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pauping Bolus - Alchemical Substance

Pauping Bolus: This irregular silver pill has a lot of native energy. When swallowed, it adds a +2 alchemical bonus to jump and tumbling checks for one hour.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC 15; 25 gp/dose

Treasure Value: 1st
NPC Gear: 1st

Uberpauping Bolus: A more highly concentrated form of the pauping bolus, the uberpauping bolus adds a +5 alchemical bonus to jump and tumbling checks for one hour.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC 15; 160 gp/dose.

Treasure Value: 1st
NPC Gear: 1st


+2 bonus = 2*2*100 = 400, doubled, one is half again for multiple similar on same item = 1000, divided by 40 for one use item = 25
+5 bonus =5*5*100 =2500, doubled, one is half again for multiple similar on same item = 6250, divided by 40 for one use item =160

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sunbomb - Alchemical Substance

Sunbomb: When distilled sunlight is trapped in a fragile crystalline matrix or kept in a bottle, it can be used as a torch. Otherwise, it can be thrown as a missile weapon, dazzling any creature struck for one round when it explodes unless they make a DC 15 Reflex save. It does 1d6 positive energy damage to any undead it strikes and 1 point splash damage to any other undead within five feet. Unlike divine positive energy, a sunbomb cannot heal hit points.

A cleric can channel positive energy through a sunbomb as part of a turning check for a +1 bonus to the turning damage check. The sunbomb is destroyed in a flashing halo of sunlight in the process.

Nonmagical; Alchemy DC 15; 70 gp

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 1st


everburning torch, single casting, 80 gp

+1 to turning damage is one extra skeleton one hit die skeleton = 50 gp (single use, one die effect, a skeleton (1d12 HD), is probably equal to 2 "dice" (1d6) of damage, but the turning damage is only half the fun. If the check fails, turning damage is useless. So one die.) Three quarters for multiple similar = 37.5

2 possible single use 25 gp each, halved for multiple similar, 12.5

Total 142.5. Half because only one of all those latter effects can be used, and the everburning torch is useless once the others are used. Round down. 70 gp.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Luck Infused Amulet - Alchemical Substance

Luck Infused Amulet: Small luck distillers produce crackling cages of static luck. When an inscribed metal amulet or coin rests in the luck field for long enough, it picks up a positive luck charge.

A luck infused amulet provides a +1 luck bonus on skill checks, saves and attack rolls. Each round it is activated, the amulet must make a save (DC 10, with a save modifier equal to the object's hardness) or burn out, becoming useless. Rolling a one on this save always causes the amulet to burn out.

A luck amulet will activate every round it's bearer makes an applicable roll: each skill check, save, or attack roll causes it to activate, unless it is put in a lead box, shielding it from it's bearer's aura. People often keep their luck amulet in lead or lead lined boxes so that they can "save" them for important situation.

Nonmagical; Alchemy DC 25, Knowledge (Engineering) +8; 125 gp+10*hardness.

A small lead lined box costs 5 gp.

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 1st


125 gp is he luck charge. It is a rough measure a +1 bonus, increased for broad applicability, /20 because that's the maximum number of times the amulet will be used (probabalistically speaking). The hardness factors in because a harder amulet will last longer than a soft one.

You could probably create more powerful luck infused amulets by squaring the bonus and multiplying by 125. For instance, a +3 amulet would be worth 1,125 gp plus hardness x 10.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tincture of Magesight - Alchemical Substance

Tincture of Magesight: Kept in tiny 1 dram bottles, this oily liquid glows with a pale blue light. When rubbed on a user's eye lids, the oil loses its glow but passes it on to the user’s eyes. It allows the user to detect magic as per the spell. The effect lasts for ten rounds, but the user must still concentrate on magical auras so detected, and make successful spellcraft checks, to determine information about them.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC 25; Cost 25 gp

Treasure Value: 1st
NPC Gear: 1st

Math: as if a potion of detect magic. But it's not a potion! Or it could be, as you wish

Friday, March 09, 2007

Crystallized Darkness - Alchemical Substance

Crystallized Darkness: When darkness is trapped in a crystalline matrix or kept in a bottle, it suppresses light in a twenty foot radius, giving a -2 to search and spot checks to anything in that area. Other wise, it can thrown as a ranged touch missile weapon to do 1 point of temporary Strength damage.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC 15; 20 gp

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 1st

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Darkblend - Alchemical Substance

Darkblend: This black liquid has an oily sheen to it, and coats a finger or the inside of a mouth like paint. It is distilled from darkness and electrically activated moonlight.

If drunk, the imbiber takes 1 point of temporary strength damage. Throwing a 1 oz. bulb of darkblend fills a 5 ft square with opaque smoke. Anyone passing through must make a DC 11 Will save or take 1 point of str dmg. The smoke settles in 3 rounds, or disperses in 1 if conditions are windy. A 4 oz. flask fills a 10 ft. by 10 ft. cube.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC 15; Cost 25 gp per bulb, 100 gp per flask.

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 1st

Maths: I have no clue how I priced this, but just look at it: it's a very minor hazard with a low save. Can't be worth much more than 25 gp a dose. Right?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sneak Oil - Alchemical Substance

Sneak Oil: This translucent, dark grey oil is rubbed on exposed flesh and the bottoms of the feet or shoes. It causes skin or leather to absorb light and noise for a short time. When an ounce is used in this way, it grants a circumstance bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks. If only half an ounce is used, it grants a bonus to Hide or Move Silently checks. The bonus lasts for one hour.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC 15; Price: Sneak Oil +1, 30 gp, +2 120 gp, +3 270 gp.

Treasure Value: 1st
NPC Gear: 1st


1*1*100 =100 half again 150, x2 =300/10 for one shot
2*2*100=400 half again 600, x2 =1,200/10 for one shot
3*3*100=900 half again 1,350, x2 = 2700/10 for one shot

As far as I can tell, division on this is completely ad hoc. I do not remember what I was thinking when I created sneak oil, and didn't leave myself notes. My usual division would be by 40 for a single use item, but the multiplier is already so low for skill modifiers. The prices "look good" to me.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Kameye - Alchemical Substance

Kameye: This glittery, gritty, opalescent drug dissolves on the tongue. Anybody who ingests it can consciously change their eye color as a standard action, or as a free action if they have more than 5 ranks in disguise. They also gain a +2 Search and Spot checks. Anybody using Kameye has a +4 to saves versus gaze attacks as their eyes reflexively silver against them. A one ounce dose of the drug last for an hour.

Nonmagical; Craft Alchemy DC25; 170 gp per dose.

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 1st


Ad Hoc value of changing eye color potions, price as cantrip:
1*1*50/2 half again=37.5 rounded up to 40

1 skill at 2*2*100 half again= 600
1 skill at 2*2*100 half again= 600
save at 4*4*250 (very limited save)= 4000
= 5200/40 for one shot = 130+40 total 170