Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Globe of Brilliant Approbation - Minor Wondrous Item

Globe of Brilliant Approbation: These transparent balls of yellow, white and gold look like glass. They tend repel gently from physical matter, and so usually float an inch or two above any material surface. They do not repel strongly against living flesh, and can be grabbed. When touched, they feel spongey, and a malleable, but quickly return to their pefectly spherical shape. They feel warm, and cause exposed skin to tingle slightly.

Sometimes found as natural accreations of positive energy on the astral, positive energy, or upper planes, they are more often crafted by the servants of good dieties, and gifted to clerics or paladins strong in their faith.

When held as part of a turning check, a globe adds a bonus to all the rolls made for that turning check. The bonus varies depending on the size of the globe, ranging from +1 for a ball as wide as a finger joint, to +5 for one as large as a big man's fist.

Weak evocation; CL 3/bonus bestowed; Craft wondrous item, ability to turn undead; Price 25 gp (+1), 100 gp (+2), 225 gp (+3), 400 (+4), 625 (+5)

NPC Gear: 1st (+1 to +4), 4th (+5)
Treasure Value: 1st (+1 to +4), 3rd (+5)


I price a permanent turning bonus as 1*1*1000, so a single use bonus would be divided by 40

1*1*1000/40 = 25
2*2*1000/40 = 100
3*3*1000/40 = 225
4*4*1000/40 = 400
5*5*1000/40 = 625

Friday, July 27, 2007

Threshhold's Edge - Specific Weapon

Threshold's Edge: One of the edges of this sword is pitted as if through long use, the other gleaming and sharp. The pommel of the sword is cast in the shape of a swan rampant, with a jewel upon it's breast. On one side, the jewel is a brilliant sapphire, on the other side, a cracked and milky sapphire.

Prince Avercrom used this sword, once called Valor's Impunity, to defend his kingdom from the undead orc hoards of the Hag Empress. Avercromb, through a great hero, was nearly beaten in his final battle with the Hag Empress when a servant of the goddess of valor bestowed an enchantment upon his sword. He slew the empress, but his sword was damaged and he was over come by her loyal Ogre vassal.

The sword was retrieved by Avercrom's daughter Fenvier. One edge broken, it had been influenced by the goddesses charm. When commanded to rally, it regains it's old potency for a short time each day.

Threshold's edge is a +2 Longsword. Once per day, it's wielder can command it to "Rally to the noble cause," in a loud, strident voice. The sword will glow with a clear blue light, and for the next the minutes act as if it were a +5 longsword.

A wielder who is lawful good in alignment can choose to add up to +3 in special ability weapon bonuses when he activates Threshold's increase in magical ability. He can choose different bonuses each time.

Moderate transmutation; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, greater magic weapon; Cost 16,715 gp

Treasure Value
: 14th
NPC Gear: 13th


the base value is that of a +2 longsword. 8,316 gp
the rest of the value is the difference between the price of a +2 longsword and a +5 longsword, divided by five for one use per day. 50,315-8,315=42,000/5=8,400

The fact that lawful good characters choose bonuses should be worth more. Say +50% of the once per day bonus value, or 4,200. But I would only recommend doing this in games that are heroic in nature: ie, if you usually have a paladin or stalwart do gooder in your group. Othewise, it's a pointless burden on the PCs.

Flavor text can be changed, of course. If it's a bad guys weapon (and it would be a great bad guy's weapon), then you can change that last paragraph to "a lawful evil wielder."

You should be able to use this trick for other weapons.

For instance:

Pipsqueak's roar: This masterwork longsword has a magical aura. Once per day, when the wielder screams a battle cry upon attacking, the sword is wreathed in flames and does +1d6 points of fire damage

Weak transmutation; CL 3rd; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, greater magic weapon; Cost 715 gp

base value = 315 gp
+1 bonus once per day = 2,315-315=2000/5 = 400.

total = 715 gp.

cheat sheet for scaling limited use weapons

value from:

Masterwork to +1 bonus = 2,000 @ once per day = 400

+1 bonus to +2 bonus = 6,000 @ once per day = 1,200

+2 bonus to +3 bonus = 10,000 @ once per day = 2,000

+3 bonus to +4 bonus = 14,000 @ once per day = 2,800

+4 bonus to +5 bonus = 18,000 @ once per day = 3,600

+5 bonus to +6 bonus = 22,000 @ once per day = 4,400

+6 bonus to +7 bonus = 26,000 @ once per day = 5,200

+7 bonus to +8 bonus = 30,000 @ once per day = 6,000

+8 bonus to +9 bonus = 34,000 @ once per day = 6,800

+9 bonus to +10 bonus = 38,000 @ once per day = 7,200

Note: Just stack these totals on top of each other to create a once per day weapon. For instance, a once per day +3 weapon is equal to 3,600 gp, or the first three totals stacked together.

Stack them on top of a regular magic weapon's value for something that gives a once per day boost. For instance, a +1 weapon that becomes +3 once per day is worth 2,000 gp plus 3,200, the second two totals added together.

Plus the value of the masterwork weapon, of course.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Gauntlets of Golden Light - Minor Wondrous Item

Gauntlets of Golden Light: These gauntlets seem at first to be made of plates of amber, or yellow glass. Further examination reveals that they are as light as air, perfectly transluscent, and slightly warm to the touch. When worn, the back of the gauntlets is emblazoned with the holy symbol of any good aligned deity the wearer wishes.

Forged out of pure positive energy by good outsiders, a gauntlet of golden light gives a +1 to +5 divine bonus to all rolls for a single turning attempt once per day.

Weak evocation; CL 3 per point of bonus bestowed; Craft Wondrous Item, ability to turn undead; Price 200 gp (+1 bonus), 800 gp (_2 bonus), 1,800 gp (+3 bonus), 3,200 (+4 bonus), 5,000 (+5 bonus)


I price turning bonuses as bonus squared * 1000

1*1*1000/5 = 200
2*2*1000/5 = 800
3*3*1000/5 = 1,800
4*4*1000/5 = 3,200
5*5*1000/5 = 5,000

Friday, July 20, 2007

Forfeit Oil - Potion

Forfeit oil: This clear oil is a magical poison that can be ingested or insinuated. Before it is applied, it needs to be activated with a command. The activator receives all the benefits of forfeit oil’s effect.

When the primary or secondary Will save is failed (DC 13), the victim is affected by a magical effect similar to a shield other spell. As long as the activator and subject are within 40 ft. of each other, the victim takes half of all hit point damage done to the activator after the effect activates. The victim of the poison receives no other benefits of the shield other spell. The effect lasts for one hour per failed save.

Mild abjuration; CL 3; Brew Potion, shield other; 300 gp per dose.

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 1st


Second level potion: 2*3*50=300 gp.
The spell's material components should add 1 gp to the value of the potion, but generally values are rounded, so it doesn't.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weyrcharms - Minor Wondrous Items

Weyrcharm, Lesser: These magical charms come in six types: gloves, belts, amulets, headbands, cloaks, or periapts. They are made from the leather or bones of magical creatures.

When worn, each bestows a +1 enhancement bonus to one ability score: gloves (dexterity), belts (strength), amulets (constitution), headbands (Intelligence), cloaks (charisma), or periapts (wisdom).

Lesser Weyrcharms are fragile, and typically are the first thing damaged if their wearer critically fails a saving throw that would cause them damage.

Weak transnmutation; Caster Level 3rd; Create Wondrous Item and a relevant ability boosting spell; Market Value 1000 gp.

NPC Gear:
Treasure Value:

Weyrcharm, Greater: These magical charms come in three types: tunics, masks, and torcs. They are made from the leather or bones of magical creatures.

When worn, each bestows a +1 inherent bonus to two ability score: tunics (strength and constitution), masks (charisma and wisdom), and torcs (dexterity and intelligence). Tunics take up the cloak slot, masks the hat slot, and torcs the amulet slot.

Caster Level 3rd; Create Wondrous Item and two relevant ability boosting spells; Market Value 3000 gp.

NPC Gear:
Treasure Value:

Math: 1*1*1000 for +1 ability score bonus, plus 50% each for multiple different with the greater weyrcharms.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cloak of Cinders - Minor Wondrous Item

Cloak of Cinders: This cloak, made of dyed red leather, has conspicuous black edged holes where cinders have burned through it.

The wearer gains fire resistance 1. Once per day, they can cast produce flame as if they were a 1st level caster. They can choose to attack with the flame produced, they can do so once, and the flame is then extinguished.

If a character lays the cloak on a bed of coals made to burn with 100 gp worth of mephit blood, and sacrifices 28 xp, he can add one to the caster level of a cloak of cinder's produce flame effect. The value of the cloak increases by 400 gp.

If a character lays the cloak on a bed of coals burning with 300 gp worth of white sage, cinnamon, and frankincense, and sacrifices his own blood (and experience to the tune of 72 xp), he can increase the fire resistance of the cloak by 1. The value of the cloak increases by 1,200 gp.

Weak transmutation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, resist energy and produce flame or burning hands; Price 1,800 gp.

NPC Gear:
Treasure Value:


Each point of resistance is worth about 1,200 gp. This is an average of the per point value of resist elements used as a magic item.

The value of a first level spell used once per day is 1*1*2000/5,or 400 gp. When you calculate the value by increasing the caster level, it averages out to about 400 gp per caster level.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Teleport Spike - Minor Wondrous Item

Teleport Spike: This tiny mithril spike has a flawless crystal embedded into the spike just below the striking end, and several golden runes inlaid down its shaft.

Anyone who knows the runes inlaid on a particular teleportation spike may concentrate on those runes before casting any spell with a teleportation subtype. The spell will unerringly take the caster and anyone accompanying him through the spell to a distance of 100 feet from the spike. Concentrating on a spike does not allow a spell to function beyond its capability. Casting dimension door with a teleportation spike will not allow the caster to travel miles, nor will casting teleportation with one allow the caster to cross dimensions. Using a teleportation spike simply predetermines where the caster arrives, and eliminates chances of teleportation failure.

If a teleport using a teleportation spike would put a caster inside a solid objects, they will appear closer to the spike, in an uninhabited area.

The spike is destroyed after it is used, burning out with a bright flash of light.

Teleporation spikes are often surreptitiously pounded into carts or coaches, and used to send attackers against travelers. Unless someone is actively searching for a spike used in such a fashion, the spike will remain hidden. Teleportation spikes can be placed in a creature's gear, and used to follow them that way, but then the person whose gear they are place in gets an automatic search check each day they travel with the hidden spike.

The DC of a search check to find a teleportation spike is equal to the skill check made to hide the spike. Sleight of Hand must be used to hide the spike in a creature's gear while they are carrying it, otherwise it is a normal hide check. Using detect magic while searching for a teleportation spike check adds a +5 circumstance bonus to the skill check.

Light Conjuration; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, dimensional anchor, teleport; Price 450 gp.

Math: the utility of this device is nil without a teleport spell. Increasing the efficacy of a teleport spell is probably worth the casting of the spell itself, as if by an NPC. This represents the potential cost of a wasted casting. Using teleport as a base mitigates the increased/decreased efficacy of using other teleportation subtype spells with the spike.

I briefly considered pricing it as if it were a half value teleportation "potion", but 2,250 gp seems too pricey, especially considering the careful effort required to place one.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Cloak of Tattered Souls - Major Wondrous Item

The Cloak of Tattered Souls: This cloak seems to be made of tatters of diaphanous gray silk that flutter continuously, even if there is no wind. The casual eye tends to turn away from the cloak, but a close examination will reveal moving faces and forms in the silk. Thus is the cloak's nature revealed: it is made from souls that have been distorted and bound to serve their wearer.

Whosoever wears a cloak of tattered souls hears a constant low tide of whispers, as if distant, weary crowds were begging for his attention. These are the souls the cloak is made of. They wrap him in a shield of gloom, and his psyche draws energy from them.

The cloak's wearer gains a +2 deflection bonus to armor class, +2 enhancement bonuses to Intelligence, Charisma, and Wisdom, and a +5 bonus to Hide, Intimidate, and Knowledge Religion or Knowledge the Planes checks. However, they also receive a -2 circumstance penalty to Diplomacy, Ride, and Handle Animal checks when not dealing with outsiders. People and animals near the wearer hear psychic echoes of the cloak's bound souls, and feel uncomfortable around him.

Strong necromancy; CL 17th; Craft Wondrous Item, Trap the Soul; Price 42,750 gp.


+2 Deflection Bonus to AC 2*2*2000=8000
+2 Int Bonus 2*2*1000=4000
+2 Cha Bonus 2*2*1000=4000
+2 Wis Bonus 2*2*1000=4000,
+5 Bonus to Hide Skill checks 5*5*100 = 2,500
+5 Bonus to Intimidate Skill checks 5*5*100 = 2,500
+5 Bonus to Knowledge (Religion) = 5*5*100 = 2,500
+5 Bonus to Knowledge (The Planes) 5*5*100 = 2,500

=30,000, +50% for multiple different = 45,000

-2 penalty to Diplomacy, Ride, and Handle Animal (when not dealing with outsiders) (5% reduction) = 42,750

Monday, July 02, 2007

Assassin's Mask - Minor Wondrous Item

Assassin's Mask: This leather mask is made out of the pale, tanned skin of a doppleganger. It is sewn so that it fits over the head, like a cap, with a thick seam down the middle. There are holes for the eyes, and slits for the nose, but the mouth is covered. One black rune is inked on the forhead: the Abyssal Rune for "change."

If worn for 24 hours, the character can use disguise self, once per day, for 20 minutes.

When worn, it grants a -2 penalty to all charisma based skills except bluff and intimidate, for which checks it grants a +2 bonuses to.

Three times per day, an individual wearing the mask can add +1d6 to sneak attack damage any time her target would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC or when the target is flanked. This bonus stacks with a sneak attack bonus from any other source.

Weak illusion; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, Disguise Self, True Strike; Price .

NPC Gear
: 5th
Treasure Value: 8th


+1d6 sneak attack damage three times per day = 1*1*1000/1.6 = 600
Disguise Self once per day, cast at 2nd level = 1*2*2000/5 = 800
-2 penalty to charisma based skills = 2*2*100 = 400 plus 50% for broad applicability
+2 bonus to intimidate checks = 2*2*100 = 400
+2 bonus to bluff checks = 2*2*100 = 400
+50% before subtraction for multiple different = 3300 - 600

Notes: I made this up on Saturday because all the items I have in que are unstatted and felt too difficult.

The formula for "an extra die of damage" that I use is number of dice squared * 1,000 gp. I'm not sure why I chose this number... I didn't keep notes when I was putting my tables together. I think it is lower than a similar damage bonus on a weapon because weapons are used round after round, often multiple times in a round. Every other source of damage in the game is more rationed than that.