Friday, November 30, 2007

Phial of the Tears of Momice - Minor Wondrous Item

Phial of the Tears of Momice: This small multicolored glass has a bulbous, flattened belly that looks something like a tulip bulb, although it has been described as looking something like a toad or an obese, crippled monkey. It's neck and throat are twisted in a sinuous half turn, and the mouth of the bottle resembles petals or the nose of a mole. Careful observation reveals that the bottle changes over time, although it maintains these general qualities. It is capped by a carefully molded plug of gold and adamantine with the obscene seal of Momice on the underside and an opal fastened to the topside.

Once per day, a Phial of the Tears of Momice may be uncapped and tipped over as a standard action. There is a 34% chance that a single drop of liquid will bead at the lip. The holder of the bottle may use the energy of that bead of liquid to cast a confusion spell as if her were a 7th level sorcerer.

Weak enchantment; CL 4th; Craft Wondrous Item, confusion; Cost 3,700 gp.

NPC Gear: 8th
Treasure Value: 9th


As a permanent fourth level spell item, divided by one third for lowered chance of succesful use.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shadow Cloak - Medium Wondrous Item

Cloak, Shadow: This heavy cloak of black silk and linen seems to trap shadows in its interior, even during broad day light. The wearer seems to be partially submerged in darkness in shadowy light or darker.

The wearer of a shadow cloak gains a +10 circumstance bonus to his Hide checks. Once, as a move equivalent action, he can command the cloak to dissolve into shadows around him, allowing him to shadow walk as if a 13th level caster. The cloak unravels and is destroyed during the shadow walk.

Moderate Evocation; CL 13; Craft Wondrous Item, shadow walk; Price 12,800 gp.

NPC Gear
: 12th
Treasure Value: 13th


Single use 6th level spell = 6*13*100 = 7,800
+10 bonus to skill = 10*10*100 = 10,000 /half for eventual destruction of quality with item

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hammer of the Master and Knife of the Fletcher - Minor Wondrous Items

Hammer of the Master: This craftsman’s hammer adds +5 to the users craft (armorsmith) check. If used in combat, it acts as a non-magical light warhammer.

Faint divination; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, craft (armorsmith) 5+ ranks; Price: 2,500 gp.

Knife of the Fletcher: This craftsman’s hammer adds +5 to the users craft (bowmaking) checks. If used in combat, it acts as a non-magical dagger.

Faint divination; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, craft (bowmaking) 5+ ranks; Price: 2,500 gp.

NPC Gear: 6th
Treasure Value: 7th

Math: Entirely standard

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cloak of the Nightsoul - Minor and MediumWondrous Items

Cloak of the Nightsoul: This cloak seems to be made of navy colored linen, as fine as silk but with a durable quality to it. It flutters in even the lightest wind, and always billows when its wearer walks. In darkness, the cloak seems to disappear, though its wearer does not. It is embroidered with no patterns, but those who stare at it for long moments see smoky shapes moving in the weave.

Anyone who wears a Cloak of the Nightsoul is granted a +2 enhancement bonus to dexterity. If worn with a silver cloak pin, when the pin is touched the wearer can become ethereal as a move equivalent action, dispelling the effect as a free action. The wearer can be ethereal for 5 rounds a day. A stronger version allows 10 rounds of etherealness.

Weak or moderate transmutation; CL: 13th; Create wondrous item, cat’s grace, ethereal jaunt; Cost: 6,100 gp (5 round), 8,200 gp (10 round).

NPC Gear: 10th (5 round)
Treasure Value: (5 round) 11th


2*2*1000 = 4000 gp attribute bonus

ethereal 10 r per day (7*13*2000 = 182,000) /5 for once per day then prorate for lesser duration by /26 for rounds or 13 for 10 r = 1400 or 2800, half again for multiple differing

If you do not add the modifier for multiple differing, as per magic item compendium, the item is 5,400 or 6,800

Friday, November 16, 2007

Chalice of Tiamat - Artifact

The Chalice of Tiamat: This three foot tall chalice is carved in the shape of an open mawed dragon resting on its curled tail, from petrified dragon bone of mottled purple and blood red hues. It is worked with sharp, horny and scaly looking protrusions that one can quite easily cut themselves on.

By drinking their own blood mingled with that of a dragon, a character or NPC aquires the half dragon template, with the type of dragon corresponding to the dragon from which the blood was taken.

Once a character drinks from the Chalice of Tiamat, they lapse into a coma for two days, during which time they slowly change form to that of a half dragonish version of their former self.

A DC 23 Fort save will hold the off coma for one day. Each day, a character that has drunk from the chalice may make a save to hold their transformation off for another day, falling into the transformationl coma once they fail their save. Only a wish can prevent the transformation once the chalice has been drunk from.

Strong transmutation; CL 20th; Craft wondrous item, shapechange, wish; 450,000 gp

Math: I completly ad hoced the price. The item really has no in game value besides bumping the level of the campaign. It's used should be entirely dictated by the GM, so I gave it a price that only epic level characters or nations could afford. Thus, it is an artifact.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Cloak, Nightengale - Minor Wondrous Item

Cloak, Nightengale: This fine linen cloak is a drab olive grey, with a creamy lining. A scene of a mockingbird singing in a garden is embroidered in black on the back of the cloak, so that the mocking bird faces it’s wearer on the right panel.

When worn, the wearer’s voice becomes more beautiful and resonant.

The wearer gains a +1 bonus to the DC of all spells they cast, and a +5 to perform (sing) checks.

Weak enchantment; CL 3; Create wondrous item, spell focus, charm person; 4,500 gp

Treasure Value
: 9th
NPC Gear: 7th


5*5*100 = 2,500 for +5 bonus to a single perform checks
I price a general bonus to the DC of spells as if it were a combat bonus: 1*1*2,000
I just added the bonuses

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Goblet of Thralls - Artifact

Goblet of Thralls: This goblet is carved from blackened bone or ivory with black adamantium fittings. It is the size of a large brazier, its basin in the shape of a toothed demon face, its base a nest of serpents

The first creature to splash blood into the basin when it is newly discovered is the Goblet’s attuned user. The basin can be re-attuned by not being used for a year and a day, or by being washed with holy or unholy wine.

When blood from two creatures is mixed with blood from the goblet's attuned user in a ritual that takes ten minutes to complete, a monster is created. The resulting creature is a hybrid of the blood types, often the twisted result of opposite natures being bred into humanoid form.

Nature of Creation
: One of the creatures used is designated a base and one a secondary creature. The creature with the highest HD or Con score should be the base.

The creature has the creature type of the base creature if it was an outsider, dragon, fey, monstrous humanoid or giant. Otherwise, it is a monstrous humanoid. Whatever type the creature is, it has a humanoid shape.

The creature has the average HD and natural armor of its base and secondary forms, rounded down. Reduce the physical statistics as if they had been changed from large to medium creaturs. Average all stat bonuses and round them down to the nearest whole, even number. Add or subract them from ten.

The creature gains the vision and attack types of its base antecedent and the movement type of its secondary. Its humanoid form gives it two natural attacks if its base type has them, that do damage appropriate to a medium sized creature. It gains the racial skill bonuses and bonus feats of both creatures, the extraordinary abilities of both creatures, and one supernatural or spell like ability from either contributor, chosen by highest DC or caster level.

Saves, skill points, difficulty checks, and feats are determined by base creature type and ability modifiers, with skills and feats being selected from among its base creatures by the GM, excepting knowledge skills. Probably, skills and feats used by both creatures will surface first.

Initial reaction
: If the user of the goblet of thralls does not have the leadership skill, the creature that results from use of the goblet has an alignment that uses its secondry's law/chaos axis and its base's good/evil axis. If it shares one axis with the goblet’s user, is begins with an attitude of unfriendly. If it shares two axis, it begins as indifferent. Otherwise it starts as hostile.

Changing the creature’s attitude to friendly or helpful will get its help, but if asked to do something against it’s alignment, it will revert to its former attitude.

If the user has the leadership feat, the creature will have their alignment and react to them as if they were a second cohort as long as the total of its hit dice are less than the user’s cohort level allowed by the user’s Leadership Score. The user of the goblet will not gain additional lesser cohorts from using the goblet. Additional creatures created by the same user will start out with an attitude assigned using the method above.

For instance
: Fievrag, an evil high priest of darkness, takes blood from the giant eagle cohort of his good nemesis, which he has captured, and a choker living in the old dungeon that serves as his secret lab, to create a creature that he thinks will be both terrifying and physically imposing.

The GM rules that since the eagle has higher hit dice, it is the base creature.

The giant eagle is a large magical beast with 4 HD, +3 natural armor bonus modified to +1 for being reduced to medium size, +8 Str, +6 Dex, Con +2, Wis +4 bonuses modified to +0, +8, -2 Con for going from large to medium, a fly speed, claw attacks, a low light vision, and neutral good alignment.

The choker is a small aberration with 3 HD, +2 natural armor bonus, +6 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Con, -6 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Cha, modified to +10 Str, +2 Dex, +4 Con for going from small to medium, a climbing speed, tentacle attack, darkvision, and chaotic evil alignment.

The new creature’s type is monstrous humanoid. It has 3 HD, a +2 natural armor bonus, +8 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Int, and +2 Wis bonuses, low light vision and flight, and 2 tentacle attacks. It begins with 3 skill points, and three feats (one bonus) and a neutral evil alignment. It has the evasion, improved grab, and constrict extraordinary abilities.

The GM puts the skill points into Listen +1 (+1), Spot +1 (+5), and Hide +1. He assigns the Flyby Attack, Improved Initiative, and Lightning Reflexes feats.

The new creature has an alignment one step from its maker and so is indifferent to him. With a successful diplomacy check, Fiervag convinces the creature to guard the dungeon exit to his lair from intruders or escapees. If Fiervag asked him to hold off killing an escapee, however, he would return to indifferent and need to be re-convinced. If Fiervag botched his diplomacy check, the creature might very well attack Fiervag.

Strong transmutation; CL 9; Create wondrous item, baleful polymorph; 72,000 gp.

NPC Gear: 19th
Treasure Value: 20th


I valued this as if it were a magic item version of the Leadership feat. Essentially, the goblet is a baroque was of doubling the leadership feat. Otherwise, its a weird NPC generator. I value feats as 1+any requirements, the five levels required to take leadership being the requirements. So:

6*6*2000 =

Notes: Despite it's high value, you can use this device at any point in a campaign. Nobody will have the gold to buy it. Governments or organizations who might would be inclided to take the item. A generous government would give the PCs a reward equal to a treasure of the party's level. In the posession of either a PC or NPC, the Goblet's value is limited by which creatures that character can defeat, and modified by the fact that they must mollify strong creatures.

In fact, if PCs own the goblet of thralls at low levels, it will probably be more trouble than its worth to protect it from other people.

If PCs make particularly clever use of it (creating and charming muscley thralls). You can also control the Goblet's use by awarding XP to thralls that aren't controlled by the leadership feat.

You can limit the efficacy by insisting that blood used must be fresh, from a living creature.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cloak of the Manifest World - Minor Wondrous Item

Cloak of the Manifest World: There are four types of cloaks of the manifest world, one corresponding to each of the elemental types. Each of these cloaks has marvelous patterns embroidered into it: vistas of their natural elements. Each bestows a +1 bonus to a kind of save, a +1 bonus to one skill, and 1 points of resistance to one type of elemental damage.

The type of bonuses gained depend on the type of cloak, and are enumerated in the table below. The cloaks’ most interesting ability, however, is that its owner can increase its power over time. They can use their own life experience in a blood letting ritual to permanently increase the power of the cloak.

The number of experience points required to boost a cloak's power increases each time. To give the cloak a +2 save and skill bonus, and 2 points of resistance, the owner must sacrifice 660 xp. Each increase adds 1 to the save, skill bonus, and resistance.

For a +3 bonus, the sacrifice is 924 xp. For a +4 bonus, it is 1,188 xp For a +5 bonus, it is 1,232.

The ritual can be discovered in the same way that a command word can, and may be performed at any time the owner has enough xp to do so but not lose a level. The ritual causes two points of damage and 1 temporary con damage per save and skill bonus to be achieved.



Weak abjuration; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, resistance, endure elements; Price 1,800 gp (+1), 4,800 (+2), 9000 (+3), 14,400 gp (+4), 21,000 gp (+5).

Treasure Value
: 6th (+1)
NPC Gear: 4th (+1)


1,200 gp per point of elemental resistance = 1,200
1*1*100 for skill bonus = 100 gp (half again for mulitple similar)
1*1*300 for limited save bonus = 300 (half again for mulitple similar)

boost to 2

2400 plus 600 plus 1800 = 4,800 gp or +3000gp value, 660 xp (divide by 5 and divide by 50 and sum)

boost to 3

3600 plus 1350 plus 4050 = 9,000 gp or +4200, 924 xp

boost to 4

4800 plus 2400 plus 7200 = 14,400 or +5,400, 1188 xp

boost to 5

6000 plus 3750 plus 11250 = 21,000 or +5,600, 1232 xp

Math re magic item compendium

1,200 gp per point of elemental resistance = 1,200
1*1*100 for skill bonus = 100 gp
1*1*300 for limited save bonus = 300

boost to 2

2400 plus 400 plus 1200 = 4000 gp or +2400gp value, 528 xp (divide by 5 and divide by 50 and sum)

boost to 3

3600 plus 900 plus 2700 = 7200 gp or +3200, 704 xp

boost to 4

4800 plus 1600 plus 4800 = 11200 or +4000, 880 xp

boost to 5

6000 plus 2500 plus 7500 = 16000 or +4,800, 1056 xp

Friday, November 02, 2007

Alchemical Textiles - Special Material

Infusing specially woven textiles with elemental energies can give the cloth, and any suit or item of clothing created out of it, quasi magical qualities in addition to making them more attractive. Often, outfits of "courtiers" or "noble" clothing are made of exotic alchemical textiles. Alchemical cloth is usually only made in cultures with a well developed arcanomechanical or alchymical industy.

The price for most items created from alchemical cloth is calculated by adding the cost indicated to an item of clothing. For example, a monk's robe made of shadowcloth will cost 205 gp, a courtiers outfit made from cloth of lighting will cost 330 gp.

Black Mist Boots: These inky black boots, made of leather impregnated with liquid darkness, give the user a +2 to their Move Silently Roll. They are 400 gp for a pair.

Cloth of Dreams: Cloth of dreams is a diaphenous, multicolored cloth that changes color with the mood of thier wearer. They are often worn in layers that change at different rates depending on how much dream impregnates a layer of cloth. Brocade fabric made with dream impregnated thread is becoming popular.

An outfit made of Cloth of Dreams offers a +1 alchemical bonus to Will saves. It adds 300 gp to the cost of any outfit, and costs 320 gp per bolt, which is usually enough to make two outfits.

Cloth of Lightning
: Cloth of lightning has a glittery, mineral quality, with sparkles that range from white to blue to indigo. Cloth of lightning makes the skin feel energized. It tends to carry a native static charge.

An outfit made of Cloth of Lightning offers a +1 alchemical bonus to reflex saves. It adds 300 gp to the cost of any outfit, and costs 320 gp per bolt, which is usually enough to make two outfits.

Cloth of Moonlight
: Cloth of moonlight has a lustrous pearly grey shine.

An outfit made of Cloth of Moonlight offers a +1 alchemical bonus to Fort saves. It adds 300 gp to the cost of any outfit, and costs 320 gp per bolt, which is usually enough to make two outfits.

: Glamorweave shimmers in different colors, and can be sewn into outfits that create regular displays of color and pattern. When glamor weave thread is used to brocade cloth, the designs often shift minutely, giving the illusion of movement to their designs.

A cloth woven from pure illusion, an outfit made of Glamorweave will add +2 to one Charisma related skill. It adds 400gp to the cost of any outfit, and costs 420 gp per bolt, which is usually enough to make two outfits. Its bonus will stack with masterwork items.

Shadowcloth: Shadowcloth is a deep lusterous black that defies lint or marks, seeming to swallow them up.

An item of clothing made of Shadowcloth offers a +2 alchemical bonus to Hide checks. Multiple items may be worn, but each takes up a body slot on the character wearing them. For instance, a hat takes up the head slot, a jerkin the shirt slot.

A bolt of shadowcloth costs 550 gp, which is enough to make five items. Items made of shadowcloth are extremely vulnerable to flame, and if the wearer takes flame damage he will lose one shadowcloth item for each 10 points, or portion thereof, he takes. Shadowcloth clothing costs +200 gp per item.

Math: As a skill bonus. Shadowcloth is extremely fragile, and so this cost is halved.

Cost of a bolt is number of items created. I add 10 gp per item that can be created from a bolt to cover the materials cost to create most types of clothing. Some expensive clothing might need additional reasources. For instant, an outfit of royal quality would require an additional 90 gp worth worth of materials. To determine how much in the way of extra resources you need to create an outfit, halve the cost of an outfit and subtract 10 gp.