Monday, January 28, 2008

Smoke Masks - Special Equipment, Minor Wondrous Item

Smoke Masks: A mask of smoked glass cut into a half shell that obscures the wearer's features. While a smoke mask is worn by a humanoid creature with a gaze attack, that attack is rendered useless. In addition a smoke mask, gives a +2 equipment bonus to Hide checks because the dark glass obscures the wearer's skin and eyes.

Cost: 400 gp. Weight: 3 lbs.

NPC Gear: 1st
Treausre Value: 2nd

Smoke Mask of Messages
: A mask of smoked glass cut into a half shell that obscures the wearer's features. While a smoke mask is worn by a humanoid creature with a gaze attack, that attack is rendered useless. In addition a smoke mask, gives a +2 equipment bonus to Hide checks because the dark glass obscures the wearer's skin and eyes.

The wearer can cast message at will, sending whispered replies to any one creature within 110 ft. Another creature in range who is wearing a smoke mask of messages can also be designated to hear a sent message.

Weak transmutation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, message; Cost 1,400 gp

Treasure Value: 5th
NPC Gear: 4th


+2 bonus to skill 2*2*100
message at will = 1*1*2000/.5= 1,000
Everything else is fluff

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Types of Items

I'm going to be adding some new types of items in the next couple of weeks: Some that I call weird items, some that are just more modern in nature. Todd's Bleeding Bowl below is an example. I created it for a Arcane style modern game, but I think it would fit well into any steampunk or new weird style fantasy game.

Each of these items have a Purchase Diffculty check (PDC) for use with d20 Modern games, which is what I originally created most of them for, and a gp value, because I think many of them could see use in New Weird or Pulp style fantasy games.

Todd's Bleeding Bowl - Minor Wondrous Item

Todd's Bleeding Bowl: This white porcelain bowl, painted with a cornflower blue pattern, is missing a half moon section of its rim. It has a 1554 stamp on the bottom, and the mark of the Mieville China makers. Todd was fond of rigorously bleeding his patients, and employed bowls like this that could reverse the effects of a too-heroic bleeding.

When a character's blood is emptied into the bowl, it disappears within one round, seeming to be absorbed by the porcelain. That person can will his blood to come back to him at a later date.

In game terms, this means that when a person has "charged" a bowl by bleeding into it, they can heal themselves by calling the blood back to them. This is a free action that must be done on the character's turn.

The character using the bowl must charge it by sacrificing 5 hit points through a self inflicted wound. These hit points may be healed back normally. When the character recalls their blood, they recall those five hit points. The bowl can actually absorb up to fifteen hit points, but only five can be recalled at any time.

Only a person who has bled into the bowl can call blood from it. A bowl not filled by someone else's blood can be filled the rest of the way by a different user. Both users can then call blood from the bowl. However, if one calls the blood of someone else, they must make a fort save (DC 12) or take 1d6 points of temporary constitution damage (the GM can rule that two creatures with the same blood type don't run this risk). In addition, they must make a Fort save or contract any diseases carried by the other user. A bowl with blood from a previous user still in it can be cleansed by having a cause light wounds spell cast on it, which purges 5 hp of the previous user's blood.

Weak Evocation; Caster Level: 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, cure light wounds; Cost 1,200 gp; Purchase Difficulty Check 30; Weight: 5 lbs.

NPC Gear: 3rd
Treasure value: 4th


1*1*2000 for unlimited use 1st level item. Divide by 1.66 for 3 uses per day.

Although technically this item can be used 3 times per day, and as a free action, it must be charged by the user. So any character using it to regain 5-15 hit points a second time that day would have to give them up first. The bowl is most useful when charged, and it is a minor liability to charge it. So it should all even out.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Masterwork Steel Umbrella - Special Equipment

Masterwork Steel Umbrella: These items often resemble rods with a handle on one end and a heavy sheath composed of interwoven strips of flexible steel covering the other. A small winch near the handle causes the strips to expand until they form a concave disk at the end of a thin but strong metal rod.

These steel umbrellas were created to ward off the caustic rains common near the acid volcanoes of Vombria. They are so sturdy, however, that they have found common use in combat, especially among Vombrian rogues.

A Masterwork Steel Umbrella can be used as a masterwork small steel shield in battle. Their long handle makes it easy to turn the protective steel surface to face in any direction, so in addition they add a +2 equipment bonus to reflex saves.

Craft DC 22; Cost 1,360 gp.


Masterwork light steel shield = 159 (rounded up)
Narrow save bonus = 2*2*300 = 1,200

Friday, January 18, 2008

Urblood - Potion

Ur blood: This rich, iridescent, pearly syrup smells and tastes of copper, salt and iron. It coats the throat as it goes down, burning like whiskey and suffusing limbs with warm energy. It is known to cause hallucinations in large doses. It is made by reducing the blood of giants, men, gorgons and dragons into a near elemental form.

After downing a dose, the drinker gains a +4 enhancement bonus to any ability score they wish. The bonus lasts for four minutes.

Alternately, they can use the energy in the Urblood to recast any spell of up to third level, as if using a pearl of power.

If the drinker chooses neither possibility after four minutes, the energy dissipates and can no longer be used for either effect.

Weak transmutation; CL 5th; Brew Potion, three spells that boost stats, ability to cast third level spells; Cost 450 gp each dose.

NPC Gear: 1st
Treasure Value: 2nd


+50% value of a 2nd level potion for the flexibility of enhancing any stat

450 gp also happens to be the value of a dose of spell ichor that duplicates a one shot 3rd level pearl of power.
The effects are exclusive no concurrent, and so their values do not stack.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Whoops! Forgot to post a second time last week.

Vargouille Bile - Poison

Vargouille Bile: This runny yellow liquid smells sour and acidic. Milked from the poison glands of vargouille summoned by goblin shamens, it is sometimes sold to poor thieves guilds and the desperately vengeful.

A weak but corrupting poison, those who fail a DC 12 save take 1d4 hit points damage that can't be healed naturally or by magic. A neutralize poison or heal spell removes the effect, while delay poison allows magical healing.

Cost: 80 gp per dose

Treasure Value
: 1st
NPC Gear: 1st


Not sure. I think I did something like (save DC -10*maximum dice of damage)*10

Monday, January 14, 2008

Axorious' Flask - Major Wondrous Item

Axorious' Flask: This flask is large enough that a small giant could swig from it comfortably. It is a canteen for a smaller mortal. Made of metal that resembles a light gold with a curious dark iridescence tinting it's luster, Acorious' Flask is cast with a face on four sides, each bearing a different expression. Their eyes glow with a bloody purple light.

Axorious' Flask seems by all tests to be full of some kind of liquid. Shaking it brings liquid noises, and causes it's weight to shift as if the the contents were washing about the inside. However, nothing runs out if the flask is upended.

If the neck of the flask is placed to the lips of a living or undead creature and upended, the flask never fails to dispense a cool, light, effervescent liquid that tastes of sweetened wine and air fragrant with jungle flowers. The liquid is magical, and its effects immediate. The first person who drinks from the flask each day feels energized, his thoughts racing and connecting in new and inspirational ways.

The first time that Axorious' Flask is drunk from each day, the drinker gains a +5 inherent bonus to intelligence that lasts for five minutes.

The second and every other time that day, if the drinker is not divine in nature, they take 1d10 points of intelligence damage. A divine drinker always gains the intelligence bonus, although it only last five rounds each additional time per day the flask is drunk from.

If Axorious' Flask spends more than an hour within thirty feet of intelligent extra-planar outsiders after the first time it is drunk from in a day, the flask can be used for a second time that day by a mortal.

Strong transmutation; CL 17th; Craft Wondrous Item, miracle or wish; Cost 27,500

NPC Gear: 15th
Treasure Value: 17th

Math: As Tome of Clear Thought/5 for one use per day. I have no idea how they did the calculations for that item, so I won't even try to explain it past that. All the other aspects of the flask are window dressing unless your PCs are all intelligent exptraplanar outsiders or divine, in which case the item could be broken. In the first case, you could increase the item's value to 41,250 gp to represent a conditional extra use per day.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Glass Flask - Minor Wondrous Item

Glass Flask: These flasks, made of thick colored glass, have been molded with magical runes in relief upon the surface. From the cork depends a thread with a tiny scroll tied up to it. This scroll contains further runes written in oddly tinted dried blood.

Some of them are found with a roiling mist trapped within. These cannot be uncorked by any means short of shattering the flask.

When the user speaks a command word found amongst the runes on the glass flask's surface, he can force any creature from another plane into the container, provided that creature fails a DC 19 Will save. The range of this effect is 60 feet. Only one creature at a time can be so contained. Breaking the flask frees the captured creature, and the flash cannot be used a second time.

If the individual freeing the captured creature speaks the command word, the creature can be forced to serve for 1 hour. If freed without the command word, the creature acts according to its natural inclinations. It usually attacks the user, unless it perceives a good reason not to.

A glass flask with an outside in it can be thrown as a grenade like weapon, releasing the creature where it lands and breaks. The command word cannot be used to control the trapped creature if this is the case.

Some flasks can only be used to trap creatures of less than a certain number of hit dice. The DCs to resist being trapped in such flasks are 13 (3 HD maximum), 15 (6 HD maximum) and 17 (12 HD maximum). A flask simply will not work if used to trap a creature beyond its capacity.

Weak evocation; CL 15th; Craft wondrous item, trap the soul; Cost 580 (3 HD maximum), 1,130 (6HD maximum), 2,360 (12 HD maximum), 3,400 gp (no maximum)

NPC Gear: 2nd (3 HD maximum)
Treasure Value: 2nd (3 HD Maximum)

Math: As Iron Flask divided by 50 for one use item, prorated for hit die limits.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Black Hectohedron - Minor Wondrous Item

Black Hectohedron: These fist sized objects are made of an opaque, glassy, inky black gemstone. Their hundred sides give them a roughly roundish appearence. Crafted by the application of pure will on mysterious ethers, a hectohedron acts to focus magical ability.

When carried in one hand, the DC of any spell or spell-like ability cast, or supernatural ability used, by the wielder gains a +1 quintessence bonus.

Weak Divination; CL: 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, Spell Focus feat in at least two schools; Cost 2000 gp.

NPC Gear
: 5th
Treasure Value: 6th

Math: bonuse squared

Note: This item is meant to stack, but not in an unlimited fashion. It isn't unbalanced for most spellcasting, but is too valuable for what it is at higher pluses. The "quintessence bonus" is sort of a shaggy dog of a bonus, a broad but weak bonus. It doesn't appear anywhere else because 1) I made it up and 2) it's not meant to scale in an unlimited fashion. My rule of thumb would be "no quintessence bonus adds more than +1 to anything" so that it doesn't scale endlessly. Otherwise, change it to a bonus type you find more practical.