Monday, June 30, 2008

Stokaster - Weapon Type

Stokaster: A stokaster appears as a small glass pot or length of hollow horn, the rim of which is emblazoned with tiny numbers in Enochian or Anark, which move and change all the time.

A stokaster stores unstable energy plasms like emotions or probability, allowing the bearer to use them as grenade like weapons. Pouring an unstable energy plasm into the bearer’s hand and throwing it is a standard action that draws an attack of opportunity. The range increment for thrown unstable energy plasms effects is ten feet. Emotion plasms resemble viscous, glowing liquid. Probability plasms resemble strange colored flames. A stokaster can hold five charges of an unstable energy plasm. Unstable energy plasms ruin if mixed with each other or anything else.

DC 30 Craft Alchemy check to build; Cost 100 gp.

Stokanon: This large missile weapon can be fueled with up to 16 charges of an unstable energy plasm. Unstable energy plasms ruin if mixed. It can fire 4 charges at once to affect all creatures in a ten by ten square, or 16 charges to affect all creatures in a twenty by twenty square. The team firing the stokanon decides which setting to use. A stokanon has a range increment of 150 ft.

It is a full round action to fuel and fire. If a stokanon contains between 5 and 15 charges, only four will be used at a time.

DC 35 Craft Alchemy check to build; Cost 6,400 gp.

Stoki: A Stoki looks like a baroque metal divining rod, its length twisted into angles and curves. When a Stoki is anointed with an unstable energy plasm from a Stokaster, it allows the bearer to fire that effect as a ray, with a range increment of 75 feet. Anointing a stoki with unstable energy plasm from a stokaster is a standard action.

DC 25 Craft Alchemy check to build; Cost 200 gp.

Unstable Probability Effects: In some extra planar environments, normally ephemeral energies such as raw psychic emotions, or probability, can be distilled into immediately usable forms called unstable energy plasms by the use of Craft Alchemy checks. Unstable energy plasm must be spun or distilled into a Stokaster. They are crafted like other objects, spending half the gold piece cost of the item in materials. In some places, experience points can be spent instead, at an exchange of 1 xp per 10 gp value of the item.

DC 25 Craft Alchemy check for one dose.

Chaos bombs: When a chaos bomb hits a target, that target is affected by one of the following effects, determined by the roll of 1d10:

1 Target is turned to stone for one round.
2 Target suffers as if they are within a swarm for one round.
3 Target targets nearest ally with same action that they took last round. If this is impossible, target is stunned for 1 round.
4 Target performs exact same action as they did last turn, targeting same target. If this is impossible, target is stunned for 1 round.
5 Target gains +5 on all rolls for next round.
6 Next time target goes below 0 hit points, they automatically stabilize.
7 Target gains one mirror image, as per spell effect.
8 Target automatically fails next save.
9 Target automatically has next crit rolled against them confirmed.
10 Target gain a -2 penalty to all rolls for next 3 rounds.

A creature can only have one chaos effect active upon them at any time. So, for instance, if the target gains number effect 6, they will not be subject to additional effects from chaos bombs until they go below 0 hit points and stabilize.

Cost: 120 gp each dose, 600 gp 5 charge batch.

Discord Bomb: When a discord bomb hits a target, that target is affected by lesser confusion.

Cost: 50 gp each dose, 250 gp 5 charge batch.

Misrule Pulse: When a misrule pulse hits a target, that target is affected takes a luck penalty to all their rolls for 1d3 rounds.

Cost: 200 gp (-2 penalty); 800 gp (-4 penalty); 1,600 gp (-6 penalty)

Unstable emotional effects:

Fear Bomb: A hit with a fear bomb causes the target to become shaken. If hit with a fear bomb while shaken, the target becomes frightened. If hit with a fear bomb while frightened, the target become panicked.

Cost: 100 gp.

Paxplasm: A hit with paxplasm suppresses (but does not dispel) morale bonuses granted by spells such as good hope, and rage, as well as negating a bard’s ability to inspire courage or a barbarian’s rage ability. It also suppresses any fear effects and removes the confused condition from all targets. Paxplasm lasts for 1-3 rounds, during which a suppressed spell or effect has no effect. When paxplasm ends, the original spell or effect takes hold of the creature again, provided that its duration has not expired in the meantime.

Cost: 300 gp.

Angerplasm: A concentrated form of anger, a hit with angerplasm corrodes a target’s psyche, doing 1-3 wisdom damage.

Cost: 100 gp.

Fearplasm: A concentrated form of fear, a hit with fearplasm corrodes a target’s psyche, doing 1-3 intelligence damage.

Cost: 100 gp.

Griefplasm: A concentrated form of grief, a hit with griefplasm corrodes a target’s psyche, doing 1-3 charisma damage.

Cost: 100 gp.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Face of the Cosmos - Minor Wondrous Item

Face of the Cosmos: This mask, made of a beaten copper-mithril alloy and set with a constellation of seven variegated semi-previous stones, is made to cover the right half on an individual's face. A set of three chains circle round the back of the head and fasten the mask by resting over the cheekbone, the bridge of the nose, and the chin.

Any creature wearing the mask feels a sleight tingling sensation in the skin it touches, and has the sensation that he sees sharper, more precise details with the eye looking through the eye hole.

Once per day, the wearer of the mask may reroll any one Intelligence based skill roll.

Minor divination; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, true strike; Cost 1,000 gp

NPC Gear: 3rd
Treasure Value: 4th


At some point I determined that a re-roll was worth as much as a weapon bonus. A properly used mulligan, after all, can change the course of a game. I decided to price combat re-rolls (to hit rolls or saving throws) as if they were a weapon bonus (a +1 enhancement for each re-roll allowed in a day) and a non-combat re-roll as if it were an armor bonus (as they had less effect in the overall flow of the game). The number of re-rolls would be squared and then multiplied by 2,000 gp (for combat re-rolls) or 1,000 for non-combat re-rolls.

This item is 1*1*1,000 gp.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


June 13th, my birthday and the birthday of Rosy Rod, was the two year mark of this project. I completed my goal of publishing two magic items per week (numerically, if not always chronologically). Including this week, I have some additional articles primed to run once a week. They feature some of my odder forays into d20 MI.

I think I posted every scrap of stuff that I put together for my game, and most of the stray thoughts I've had, so I'm kind of tapped out.

Keep me in your RSS feed, however. The possibilities for Rosy Rod are endless.

I will be playing and running 4.0 for awhile. I am hoping to start a blog with crunchy bits from my 4.0 games, more general and relaxed than this one. The new GSR looks kind of scary, though. So, we'll see. I will post and link from here if this happens.

If I start running 3.5 or a cousin again, I will post all the items I create.

I may put together some of the odder creature stat blocks from my old campaign, and or other rules bits, and post them here after the summer.

I will probably move the material from Celestial Wastelands over here to consolidate.

As per the results of the poll I posted, Rosy Rod will remain up in it's current form. My druthers would have been to consolidate Rosy Rod with a new blog. But I won't be trying it any time soon for a couple of reasons, mostly being that I'm lazy and the new GSR looks like it might frown on hijinks like that.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Scerotic Weapons - Weapon Quality

Scerotic Weapons: Scerotic weapons are a class of semi-intangible weapons. They are often made to look just like martial or exotic weapons, with all the same qualities, except on passing into a material or ethereal being they do ability damage instead of hit point damage.

For instance, a scerotic dagger has the same size and threat range as a normal dagger. A scerotic spear affords reach. The only difference is that a scerotic dagger does 1 point of ability damage each strike. A scerotic spear does 1-6 points. A scerotic arrow does 1-8 points.

Creating a scerotic weapon based on a normal one requires only a change in the die type of damage, as determined by the top of its original die type.

Weapons that do up to 3 points of hit point damage do 1 point of ability damage.

Weapons that do up to 6 points of hit point damage do 1d3 ability damage.

Weapons that over 6 points maximum do 1d6 ability damage.

Missile weapons do 1-3, 1-6, and 1-8 respectively.

Because scerotic weapons are made from more volatile and rarefied matter, such as raw emotion plasms, they are more expensive than mundane weapons.

Red weapons are twice as expensive as mundane and do intelligence damage.
Blue are three times as expensive and do charisma damage.
Violet are four times as expensive and do wisdom damage.
Green and Yellow are five times as expensive and do strength or dexterity damage.
Black are ten times as expensive and do Con damage.

Scerotic weapons are not intangible, and have the same miss chance against ethereal opponents that regular weapons do.

Example Weapons:

Medium Blue Scerotic Dagger: Cost 6 gp; 1d3 Cha; Crit 19-20/x2

Medium Red Scerotic Spiked Chain: Cost 50 gp; Dmg 1d6 Int; Crit 20/x2 (Reach Weapon)

Medium Green Scerotic Scythe: Cost 72 gp; Dmg 1d6 Str; Crit 20/x4

Medium Violet Scerotic Longsword: Cost 60 gp; Dmg 1d6 Wis; Crit 19-20/x2

Medium Yellow Scerotic Trident: Cost75 gp; Dmg 1d6 Dex; Crit 20/x2; Range Increment 10 ft.

Medium Black Scerotic Bastard Sword: Cost 350 gp; Dmg 1d6 Con; Critical 19-20/x2

Medium Shadow Short Sword: Cost 40 gp; Dmg 1d3 Str; Critical 19-20/x2

Medium Scerotic Arrow (10): Dmg 1d8 ability; Critical 19-20; Cost Red 2sp, Blue 3 sp, Violet 4 sp, Green or Yellow 5 sp, Black 1 gp.

Shardbow: A shardbow is a firing device designed to propel splinters of sclerotic matter, in the form of arrows or bolts, like a crossbow. Because of its tracked design, it could not accommodate a crossbow bolt, but could probably fire a sling bullet or stone for the same amount of damage they would normally do. Shardbows are built with as many as five tracks, meaning they can fire as many missiles as they have tracks. A shardbow with two tracks fires each shot with a -1 penalty, with three tracks fires them all at -2, four fires them at -3, and five at -4.Otherwise, a wielder can fire one track at a time at no penalty, with no need to reload as long as they have a full track. Reloading a single track is a move equivalent action that draws an attack of opportunity.Cocking an firing a track (or all of them at once), is a standard action.

A single track shardbow costs 60 gp and is a light weapon, a two track 500 gp, and each additional track adds 250 gp to the value. Shardbows with multiple tracks are heavy weapons.

Shardbow Engine: This large war machine, 5 ft. by 10 ft., can be loaded with 8 sclerotic missiles at a time and targeted at a 10 ft. area. It has a range increment of 200 ft. Everyone in the area takes 1d8 of whatever kind of sclerotic weapon it is loaded with. A reflex save (DC 15) means that they take half damage. Cost: 1000 gp.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Demon Bone Dice - Minor Wondrous Item

Demon Bone Dice: This amulet is a cube carved from some short of yellowing, red flecked bone. Each side has a different letter in the language of demons carved upon it. A hole drilled through the middle of the cube allows it to be worn on a string around the neck.

If one die is owned, and worn, all of the wearer's natural or melee attacks will do +1d6 chaos damage if an odd number is rolled to hit with that attack.

If two dice are owned and worn on the same thong, all of the wearer's natural or melee attacks will do +1d6 damage.

Additional dice have no other effect.

Weak evocation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, any spell with a chaos descriptor; Cost 2,000 gp per die.

NPC Gear: Full set of dice,
Treasure Value: Full set of dice,


As a +1 weapon bonus, doubled for breadth of effectiveness.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Fist of Corruption - Medium Wondrous Item

Fist of Corruption: This pitted, rust stained iron gauntlet looks like it is about to fall apart. When worn over the hand, however it feels solid and comfortable and well oiled. The back of the gauntlets is decorated with a raised image of a harpy with a wizened, aged face.

On the plates above the wrist are three command words.

The first allows you to launch an acid arrow, as if cast by a 3rd level caster, three times per day.

The second allows you to use rusting grasp once per day, as if cast by a 7th level caster.

The third allows you to cast acid splash as a standard action.

Moderate evocation; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, acid arrow, acid splash, rusting grasp; Cost 15,410

NPC Gear
Treasure Value:


acid splash = (.5*1*1800)=900*.5 for multiple similar = 450
acid arrow = (2*3*1800)/(5/3) = 6,506 *.75 for multiple similar = 4,879.5
rusting grasp = (4*7*1800)/5 = 10,080

Friday, June 06, 2008

Amulet of the Cunning Evasion - minor and medium wondrous item

Amulet of the Cunning Evasion: This heavy brass amulet is in the shape of a head with two faces in profile, one facing left and one facing right. Each face has a different jewel set where an eye should be. These amulets are often taken off dopplegangers, whose natural affinity for changing shape can be truly confounding coupled with illusion.

The wearer of an amulet can touch it and use a command word to summon one duplicate as if a mirror image spell had been cast. This is a free action, and can be done with quick repetitions up to three times per rounds, as with other free actions.

Each amulet has a certain number of images that can be used per day, from 1-8.

Weak to Moderate illusion; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, mirror image; Cost 1,100 gp per image.

NPC Gear: Amulet with 3 images per day, 7th
Treasure Value: Amulet with 3 images per day, 8th


2*3*2000 for 3.5 images = 12,000/5 for once per day = 2,400/3.5 = 685 per image per day
2*6*2000 for 4.5 images = 24,000/5 = 4,800/4.5 = 1066 per image per day
2*9*2000 for 5.5 images = 36,000/5 = 7,200 = 1,309 per image per day
2*12*2000 for 6.5 images = 48,000/5 = 9,600 = 1477 per image per day

average image value 1134

Round to 1100. I don't think this value is too high, even for an amulet with a low number of images. Each image effectively negates one strike, which is a pretty good benefit and automatically scales accoring to level (a low level character probably benefits more than a high level from missing a single attack, actually). Also, staged deployement of the images makes it sleightly less efficienct than a normal amulet.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Mirror arrows - Specific Weapon

Mirror Arrows: Once thought to be faery arrows, found in ancient troves and used by heroes, it has since been found that these arrows are something altogether stranger.

Looking almost like twisted spines of mirrored glass, they are pointed though they have no head. Their fletching consists of three barely raised flanges at the base. Even with their unnatural shape, they fly true when shot from a bow.

They are incredibly hard, as hard to damage as adamantine. When shot, they will not break, like a normal magical arrow.

Some believe them to be lost weapons of the angels. Others have said that they come from some far future place or some other reality altogether.

It all ways, they act act as adamantine keen wounding arrows, bypassing adamantine damage reduction. They have an masterwork bonus of +1 to hit, but no inherent damage to bonus.

Strong evocation; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Arms and Armor, contact other plane, major creation; Cost 7,000 gp

NPC Gear: 10th
Treasure Value: 11th


Keen Wounding arrows are a +3 value, 18,000 gp. Acting as adamantium +3,000.

These arrows are permanent, but come singly. In many ways this means they aren't as useful as your average magic weapon. It is likely that they will be used only once per combat.

I cut the value of a permanent item by three to reflect those limitations.