Friday, June 06, 2008

Amulet of the Cunning Evasion - minor and medium wondrous item

Amulet of the Cunning Evasion: This heavy brass amulet is in the shape of a head with two faces in profile, one facing left and one facing right. Each face has a different jewel set where an eye should be. These amulets are often taken off dopplegangers, whose natural affinity for changing shape can be truly confounding coupled with illusion.

The wearer of an amulet can touch it and use a command word to summon one duplicate as if a mirror image spell had been cast. This is a free action, and can be done with quick repetitions up to three times per rounds, as with other free actions.

Each amulet has a certain number of images that can be used per day, from 1-8.

Weak to Moderate illusion; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, mirror image; Cost 1,100 gp per image.

NPC Gear: Amulet with 3 images per day, 7th
Treasure Value: Amulet with 3 images per day, 8th


2*3*2000 for 3.5 images = 12,000/5 for once per day = 2,400/3.5 = 685 per image per day
2*6*2000 for 4.5 images = 24,000/5 = 4,800/4.5 = 1066 per image per day
2*9*2000 for 5.5 images = 36,000/5 = 7,200 = 1,309 per image per day
2*12*2000 for 6.5 images = 48,000/5 = 9,600 = 1477 per image per day

average image value 1134

Round to 1100. I don't think this value is too high, even for an amulet with a low number of images. Each image effectively negates one strike, which is a pretty good benefit and automatically scales accoring to level (a low level character probably benefits more than a high level from missing a single attack, actually). Also, staged deployement of the images makes it sleightly less efficienct than a normal amulet.

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