Wednesday, June 18, 2008


June 13th, my birthday and the birthday of Rosy Rod, was the two year mark of this project. I completed my goal of publishing two magic items per week (numerically, if not always chronologically). Including this week, I have some additional articles primed to run once a week. They feature some of my odder forays into d20 MI.

I think I posted every scrap of stuff that I put together for my game, and most of the stray thoughts I've had, so I'm kind of tapped out.

Keep me in your RSS feed, however. The possibilities for Rosy Rod are endless.

I will be playing and running 4.0 for awhile. I am hoping to start a blog with crunchy bits from my 4.0 games, more general and relaxed than this one. The new GSR looks kind of scary, though. So, we'll see. I will post and link from here if this happens.

If I start running 3.5 or a cousin again, I will post all the items I create.

I may put together some of the odder creature stat blocks from my old campaign, and or other rules bits, and post them here after the summer.

I will probably move the material from Celestial Wastelands over here to consolidate.

As per the results of the poll I posted, Rosy Rod will remain up in it's current form. My druthers would have been to consolidate Rosy Rod with a new blog. But I won't be trying it any time soon for a couple of reasons, mostly being that I'm lazy and the new GSR looks like it might frown on hijinks like that.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

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