Monday, July 07, 2008

Pantasmal Items and Touchstones - Item Types

Phantasmal Items: Are ghost touch items, either mundane or magical. They are 500 gp more expensive because they can only be damaged or removed by incorporeal or magic creatures or items. They are always the last item to be damaged if a save is failed critically, or the first if the damage is from a source that affects incorporeal creatures.

Phantasmal items can be made entirely by using XP instead of gold, at an exchange rate of 1 xp per 10 gp that would normally be spent.

Touchstones: Touchstones are phantasmal items that carry spells. They are placed against a soul spot on the body, and will adhere, appearing as jewelry made out of precious stones or glass. They are activated by touching them with a free hand and concentrating momentarily. This is a standard action, and does not draw an attack of opportunity. The body part that they are worn on must be bare for them to be activated. Although they do not take up a space like a cap, if worn on the brow a helmet will have to be removed before they can be activated.

The cost of a touchstone is the spell level multiplied by the caster level multipled by 75 if the spell contained is third level or under, or 150 if over 3rd level.

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